Pinshape Featured Designs – June 22nd

Pinshape Featured Designs – June 22nd

In this week’s featured designs, you’ll find models from popular franchises like The Avengers and Star Wars as well as several functional electronics designs. Check out this week’s featured tutorial on the 10 Easy Steps for Painting Your 3D Printed Parts to learn how to create a professional looking finish on your models with spray paint. 

Chubby Thor (Low Res) by Huanksta 

Thor is clearly in the midst of a bulking phase in this new model by Huanksta. Learn how to replicate this colored model on your own in this detailed tutorial on hand painting. 

Star Wars Legion Terrain – DWG TIE Interceptor by Dan Wulf Games 

This Star Wars Tie Interceptor is split into multiple components and designed for ease of printing and assembly. This makes for a quick print and a great decorative piece. 

Slime LED Throwie by Adafruit 

Adafruit designed these LED Throwies to fit into a ball of slime, but they can be incorporated into whichever project you’d like. This model couples an LED with a simple coin battery and makes for a great introduction to electronics. 

Coolpots # 3 – Kylo Ren Flower pot / Pencil Holder by Sergio Romero

Step up your flower pot game with this Kylo Ren design by Sergio Romero. For added effect, print this in a metal filament and polish to a shiny finish, or age it to create a patina.

STAR, an Arduino Robot Recreation by potentprintables

If Adafruit’s LED Slime design was too simple for you, step it up a few levels with this STAR Arduino Robot. This robot can adjust its height to fit through tight spaces, and potentprintables has included a full build guide. 

Classic Thor Helmet by jody 

Jody did a great job recreating this classic helmet from Thor. Learn how to add color to this design in this week’s featured tutorial on the 10 Steps for Painting Your 3D Printed Parts.


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