Pinshape Featured Designs – June 2nd

Pinshape Featured Designs – June 2nd

There’s just under two weeks to enter into the Mechanical Design Challenge where you can win a Formlabs Form 2 as the top prize! If you’re more of a maker, give back to your favorite designers by voting for them in the Formlabs Awards Powered by Pinshape. 

Cargo Container by yuriysklyar

These containers were designed to be constructed entirely from 3D printing materials. Make the containers themselves in a material of your choice and cut a bit of filament to create the hinges!

Composite Planter by Tokytome

This planter comes with two different textures so that you can pick whichever you like best. Print it with multiple shells to make sure that it’s watertight or use a coating to seal it after printing. 

5in Portable HDMI Display by Adafruit

Create a portable display for your computing needs with this design from Adafruit. Check out their tutorial for a full list of the needed electronics and for full assembly steps!

Joycon & Knuckles by Tokytome

Improve the grip on your Nintendo Switch Joycons with this simple design from Tokytome! They’ve included a version with the supports designed into the model so that you can just download and print. 

Fin Gripper Mark VI by Black_Ram_Industries

This clever prosthetic gives users the ability to pick up soft or oddly shaped items. It converts the flexion of the wrist into a linear sliding motion which causes the claws to close. A great project for your weekend!

Volkswagen Golf GTI – Low Poly Planter by TK3D Printing

Our desks are running out of space to house more succulents but we made an exception for this Volkswagen Golf GTI Planter. This is a remix of FLOWALISTIK’s design and makes for a great planter. 

That’s all for this week! Print any of these designs and enter the Taulman 3D Print Contest to win T-Glase filament!


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