Pinshape Featured Designs – March 2nd

Pinshape Featured Designs – March 2nd

In this week’s featured designs, you’ll find entries into the newly launched Game Design Contest as well as functional models that incorporate electronics. Learn how to Design and Print Puzzles with our featured designer of the month, Richard Gain!

Blacklight Retribution: Breach Hammer by MrPinski

We were blown away by the attention to detail and finishing on this Breach Hammer by MrPinski. This makes for a challenging project, but the end result is well worth it. 

Surprise Egg #5 – Tiny Fire Truck by agepbiz

Agepbiz is a master of print-in-place articulating designs, and this is the newest addition to their Surprise Egg series. Each of these designs have multiple points of articulation so try them out on your printer!

LED Matrix Sand Toy by Adafruit

This is one of our favourite projects from Adafruit, and displays a physics sand simulation on an LED array. Learn how to make your own in Adafruit’s tutorial!

Superstrings Puzzle by Richard Gain

We’re excited to have Richard Gain as this month’s featured designer! Learn how to create models like this in his tutorial on designing and printing your own puzzles. 
Monster Hunter Rathalos Firesword Necklace by Devin Gentner 

The Monster Hunter games were a staple of my childhood, and Devin Gentner did a great job re-creating the Rathalos Firesword. This design prints best on SLA printers like the Formlabs Form 2. 

Folding Coat Hook by Ds3Dprintables

Test out the strength of your 3D prints with this Folding Coat Hook by DS3Dprintables. This easily attaches to most surfaces with double sided tape, and can be folded into a small form factor. 


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