Pinshape Featured Designs – March 3rd

Pinshape Featured Designs – March 3rd

Our Character Design Contest just closed so check out all of the amazing entries and stay tuned for the winners next week! More of a maker than a designer? Enter into the newly launched MakerGeeks Print Contest to win Crystal Series PLA. 

STAND: The Different Smartphone Holder by MonzaMakers

This clever smartphone holder makes for both a simple print and can be arranged in a variety of different orientations. It’s compatible with a large number of different devices so get printing!

CNC Base for ANOTHER Machine Vise

Check out our Designer of the Month, Cristoph Laimer’s post on creating a working 3D Printed clock. He’s also designed a number of functional models like this machine vise and an RC plane. 

Al De Capode aka “Le Tourteau Ninja” by Charles-Victorien Kaing

We really enjoyed this rather aggressive entry into the Character Design Contest. A top contender for the grand prize of a Formlabs Form 2 3D Printer!

Chrustian Seabourne by Braddock 

We made this design in Formlab’s new Matte Grey Resin for this week’s featured designs image! Want your design printed and featured next week? Tweet at us with your new design and you might see it as the top image next week. 

Launching Space Shuttle by Daniel Parker

This space shuttle makes for a deceptively easy print and great desk ornament. Scale it as large as you’d like and show off your printing prowess. 

Clementine by gokcen_yuksek

This is another fantastic entry into the Character Design Competition and the judges are certainly going to have a rough time picking winners. Many of the parts for this design are interchangeable so customize however you’d like! 

That’s all for this week! Give any of these a print and enter into the new MakerGeeks Print Contest!