Pinshape Featured Designs – March 9th

Pinshape Featured Designs – March 9th

In this week’s featured designs, you’ll find functional models and prints that will push your machine to its limits. If you run into trouble, check out this week’s tutorial on identifying and correcting the 3 most common printing errors. 

Luke’s Compass from The Last Jedi by jerrycon

Jerrycon created this model based on frames in the movie, and designed it for ease of printing and assembly. Use a bit of 1.75mm filament to make the hinge functional!

Car Qi Charger – Tesla Model 3 by Adafruit

While not all of us may be fortunate enough to have a Tesla Model 3, Adafruit’s Car Qi Charger will work in a variety of different vehicles. Check out their tutorial on how it’s made here. 

Team Fortress 2 – Stick Bomb Launcher by Rafael Lacerda

Team Fortress 2 is a staple for many of us into PC Gaming, and Rafael did a great job re-creating the Stick Bomb Launcher. This is split into multiple pieces for ease of printing and assembly, and add some paint to make yours stand out!

Man Low-Poly by juanpixel 

Low-poly designs have saturated most available animals and Pokemon, so it seems about time to switch to something more human. This is a great design to display, and makes for a good printer benchmark. 
Classic Carved Vase by jobsmolders 

Test out your printer’s vase mode with this newest design by jobsmolders. Make this water-tight and functional by sealing it with a waterproof epoxy or spray-paint. 

Ferdowsi Persian Poet by rm.bashiri

We were blown away by the intricacy of this design by rm.bashiri. To resolve all of the details, give this a go on an SLA printer like the Formlabs Form 2.



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