Pinshape Featured Designs – May 5th

Pinshape Featured Designs – May 5th

There’s just over 3 days left in the Envision the Future Design Challenge! Create a tool that helps the visually impaired for the chance to win a Lulzbot Taz 6 3D Printer. If you’re more into printing than design, use any of the featured designs this week to enter the 3D Solutech Print Contest!

RENDARD (Clementine) by Gokcen Yuksek

This is the newest model from Designer of the Month and winner of our Character Design Contest, Gokcen Yuksek! It’s an extension of the story from Clementine and we enjoyed printing it in Formlabs’ new Matte Grey Resin. 

Video Game Planter Collection by FLOWALISTIK

FLOWALISTIK never fails to impress with his designs and these multi-extrusion planters are no exception. Check out our post on adding color do your 3D prints to learn how to make your own! 

Alpha Penguin Screwdriver by Kevin_T

This easy-to-print multi-tool accommodates 6 different drill bits to be used in different orientation. A great tool to add to your 3D printing arsenal!  

Three Spoke Fidget Spinner by dustylavendar

Our weekly fidget spinner design is from dustylavendar! As bearings become an increasingly scarce resource in the post-spinner economy, bolts are used in the outer rings to cut down on costs while still providing weight for optimal motion. 

Quantum Slime! And Others by ChaosCoreTech

These resin printed designs by ChaosCoreTech are great for practicing your painting prowess! He’s included a variety of different characters so you can assemble your own arsenal. 

The Fry Fork by LetsMakeThings

Every once in a while, something comes along so innovative that we have to feature it. This is not that. This is a fry fork which allows you to insert 3 french fries and dip them in the sauce of your choosing.  

That’s all for this week! Make sure to check out our Designer of the Month, Gokcen Yuksek’s post, so you can her process for designing characters!