Pinshape Featured Designs – November 10th

Pinshape Featured Designs – November 10th

In this week’s featured designs, you’ll find aesthetic models that are great for showing off your printer as well as a number of functional assemblies and electronics projects. The eSUN Print Contest just launched so give any of these a try and upload your prints to take your pick of several premium material options! 


After exhausting the most popular starters in his low-poly Pokemon series, FLOWALISTIK is back with a low-poly pug. His print came out great using Proto-pasta Magnetic Iron PLA!

Wave Lamp by jobsmolders

Jobsmolders uploaded a number of new vase designs this week and the color scheme used in this wave lamp was among our favourites! These make for quick prints and follow the introduction to electronics tutorial to light yours up! 

Raspberry Pi Airplay BoomBox by Adafruit

Adafruit always does an incredible job with their projects and this airplay boombox is no exception. Check out their tutorial to learn how to make your own!

Marble Column by Quantum3D 

3D printed houses are becoming more commonplace but we haven’t seen architecture on this scale quite yet. Quantum3D did an incredible job on this print using a marble PLA filament.

Slingshot by 3DCriCos

This is one of the riskier designs on Pinshape and we can’t officially recommend that you use it functionally.. It might make a good test for checking part strength and you can discover the strength of various printing materials and adhesives in this post!

Maker Style Personal Katana by italymaker

Italymaker did an incredible job with this Katana model, designing and printing it to mimic the look and feel of the real thing. A 6mm rod through the center helps to add structural stability and gives a realistic weight. 


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