Pinshape Featured Designs – November 25th

Pinshape Featured Designs – November 25th

If you haven’t done so already, check out all of the incredible entries to our Cosplay Design Contest. Winners will be announced next week! We’ve another design contest in the works but in the mean time, enter the Algix3D Print Contest to win algae based filament. 

First Order Stormtrooper Helmet by Doodle_Monkey

This incredible Stormtrooper helmet replica by Doodle_Monkey is split into several parts to make printing easy. Check out his design to see it assembled and painted. 

Butter Pig (Baconlicious Mix) by bLiTzJoN

This Butter Pig represents the pinnacle of functional designs. Rotate the tail to push your butter forwards and easily slice it at the end. Split into multiple parts for easy and colorful printing. 

Steampunk Lady: Zorana by fantasygraph

Many of fantasygraph’s designs are created to print flat on the build platform without supports and you can learn how he does it here. We couldn’t resist printing this full size on the Form 2. 

OpenRC Tractor Fertilizer by makit

We’ve been enjoying all of the incredible add-ons to makit’s OpenRC Tractor. This Fertilizer addition is fully functional and makes use of a micro motor!

Mini Rhombiminx by RyanPuzzle

Frankly, I’ve been staring at this for much too long and haven’t quite figured out how it goes together. This makes an impressive rotating puzzle that’s great to show off. 

Hinged Box by feddasaur

These simple Hinged Boxes are entirely printable. The design is split into 2 pieces and the hinge is made from a short piece of filament. Melt the ends to hold everything in place. 

That’s all for this week. Check out this blog on Making your Own Custom Stamps and you could be featured next time!


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