Cosplay 3D Design Contest Winners Announced!

Cosplay 3D Design Contest Winners Announced!

Cosplay 3D design is a huge part of the 3D printing community so it’s not surprising that we got a ton of amazing entries – over 200! It was a very competitive contest and the judges were so impressed with the quality of the entries, some of the winners were differentiated by just 1 point. 

Before we get into who won, we’d like to thank Ultimaker, Formlabs, and Eucl3D for supporting this contest by sponsoring the prizes! We’d also like to thank our judges who had the really tough job of deciding who wins! 


Cosplay 3D Design Contest – Honorable Mention 

Here are a few of the designs we were blown away by: 

Cosplay 3D Design han solo pistol

Model kit – Han Solo’s DL-44 Heavy Blaster Pistol by 3DNG

3DNG did a great job recreating Han Solo’s pistol by printing the parts in their original colors so no paint is required.  The parts all snap together as well which make it easy to assemble. Great work!


Cosplay 3D Design fallout helmet

Fallout 3 – T45-d Power Armour Helmet by lilykill

This model of the T45-d Power Armour Helmet is incredibly accurate! Lilykill did a great job with post processing (70 hours worth of sanding, painting, and weathering!!!) and gave detailed printing BOM for all the parts.  


Cosplay 3D Design batman mask

Bat Beagle Mask

The judges loved the creativity of this design! It’s simple but makes for a great print, especially for dog owners! Print one out for your dog to turn them into a Bat dog! 


3rd Place 


Cosplay 3D Design destiny queenbreakers

Destiny – Queenbreaker’s Bow by MillersMadDesigns

You might remember MillersMadDesigns from his grenade launcher entry into a previous contest – now he’s back with another amazing design! This Queenbreakers bow from Destiny takes home 3rd place in this contest. The judges thought this was a great model, with excellent post processing and instructions!

Congratulations, you win $150 gift card to 3D printed prop store Eucl3D.


2nd Place 


Cosplay 3D Design widowmakers kiss

Widowmaker’s Widow’s Kiss Collapsible Sniper Rifle (Overwatch) by laellee

The judges were blown away by the detail and accuracy of this Widow’s Kiss Rifle from Overwatch.  This model includes moving parts and electronics. It  even converts from the assault weapon out to the full sniper rifle with no extra tools or parts. Want to make one yourself? Laellee included an assembly guide with photos to help print and assemble the rifle.
Congratulations! You win an Ultimaker 2 Go and 2 rolls of Ultimaker filament. 

1st place 


tracer gun Cosplay 3D Design

Tracer Gun with Electronics Parts – Overwatch by fntsmn

This model was a jaw dropper for our judges! It was well-made, accurate, and approachable for anyone who may want to 3D print this for themselves.  Fntsmn labelled all the parts with their color if you decide to print this for yourself.  He also included a guide to code the electronics by Adafruit and a video of how he  assembled it with electronics:



Congratulations! You win an Ultimaker 3, 2 rolls of Ultimaker filament, and the Form 2 print of the Saber Hilt, designs and printed by Sean Charlsworth. 





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