Pinshape’s Featured Designs – December 2nd

Pinshape’s Featured Designs – December 2nd

Our Cosplay Design Contest came to a close this week and the entries were incredible. You can check them out here and if you missed this contest, we’ve just launched another where you’re tasked to make a tool for space and can win a ZYYX+ printer

Walking Table by ekaggrat

This incredible design manually moves on its 12 legs or can be motorized. It might make for a bit of a tricky table but is great for showing off 3D printing and some impressive engineering.

Tracer Gun w/ Electronics by fntsmn

This Tracer Guns recently won our Cosplay Design Contest! They make for incredible replicas of the gun in the game and come with instructions for adding electronics. If you haven’t checked out the design page, you should do so for some more awesome pictures. 

No Man’s Sky Plasma Blaster by RobotOverlord 

 These Replica Plasma Blasters from No Man’s Sky print easily in two halves and can be attached together. RobotOverlord did a great job with painting afterwards! 

Kylo Ren by getxoblues

This Kylo Ren prints in multiple pieces and assembles together without any sort of adhesives. Print with multiple different colors of filament to get the full effect. 

OLED MicroPython Watch by Adafruit

This watch makes for a great introduction to wearable electronics. It uses a few simple components and you can learn to make your own on Adafruit’s Blog

The 3D Printed Marble Machine by MaherSoft3d

This marble machine was designed entirely in Onshape and makes use of some impressive mechanics. Check out the video on the design page to see how it works! 

That’s all for this week. Check out Pinshape for more great designs!


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