Pinshape Featured Designs – October 6th

Pinshape Featured Designs – October 6th

In this week’s featured designs, you’ll find a number of print-in-place functional assemblies as well as aesthetic designs that are great for showing off your print quality. We’re also excited to announce the Create to Educate Lesson Plan Contest where anyone can enter a lesson plan for the chance to win an Ultimaker 3 and prizes from MatterHackers. 

Skateboard Trucks by DanielNoree

Daniel Noree is redefining functional designs with this skateboard truck and the caveat ‘try at your own risk’. A great, albeit risky, way of testing out the strength of your materials. 

Joy the Gamepad Controller by Adafruit

Joy the Gamepad is a step up from conventional controllers and a great weekend electronic’s project. An LCD screen allows the eyes to move with the position of the joystick and Adafruit has included a full tutorial teaching you how to make your own.  

Adobe of the Hand by kijai 

Kijai did a great job with the design and execution of the model. This is fully printable without supports and a great way of showing off the quality of your printer.  

Coaster – Custom Bottle Top by hexa-cubed

We love the concept behind this coaster design by hexa-cubed. Collect  your coolest bottle caps and commemorate them with this easy-to-print model.

Iphone X Case – Ergonomic for Limited Hand Mobility by daveyclk

Daveyclk created this newest model with impressive speed – just a few days after the announcement by Apple. You’ll have to wait until November to try it out but can get started with the print in the mean time. 

Paper Towel Man by jobsmolders

This Paper Towel Man design by jobsmolders is easy to print and functional off of the platform. A great way to add some unique flare to your home or apartment. 


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