Top 10 Costume Designs That You Can Print Today

Top 10 Costume Designs That You Can Print Today

As a Maker, constructing your own costumes and competing against peers is a given. In this post, you’ll find 10 of the most popular costume designs on Pinshape that will make you stand out above the rest. Discover props that integrate flashy electronic components or designs that can be used immediately after printing. 

Custom Cutaway Saber Hilt by cworthdynamics 

Sean Charlesworth’s Custom Saber is among the most popular designs on Pinshape and features an incredible amount of attention to detail. Sean used a variety of materials on the Formlabs Form 2 to reconstruct this prop and has included a full build guide so that you can make your own. 

CAT ARMOR by Print That Thing

Too often, pets are excluded from holiday festivities for their lack of costume options. Print That Thing presents his solution with fully printable armor for your furry feline. 

Widowmaker’s Widow’s Kiss Collapsible Sniper Rifle by laellee

Laellee was the runner up in the Cosplay Design Contest with this impressive recreation of Widowmaker’s Kiss. This is a great project to take on with the final design measuring 1.5 meters in size!

Tracer Gun with Electronics Parts by fntsmn 

Simone does an incredible job with each of his designs and this recreation of Tracer’s Guns was no exception! Follow along in his YouTube video where he shows you how to make this step-by-step. 

Guardian Shield+ Zelda Breath of the Wild by Adafruit

Do you have an especially large printer and no shortage of materials? If so, this is the design for you! For those a bit more restricted by their print volume, check out this post which teaches you how to make objects larger than your printer’s build volume.  

Modified Wolverine Claws Dual Action by Sitherus 

This design prints in place and the claws fully extend immediately after printing. This version is optimized for those with especially large hands but can be scaled down for smaller humans. 

LED Dinosaur Costume by Pinshape 

Last Halloween, we opted for a Rainbow Dinosaur Costume and stay tuned for this year’s project! Check out this post which guides you through all of the electronics and programming steps to make your own. 

Bat Beagle Mask by Doodle_Monkey 

Doodle Monkey’s Bat Beagle mask proves a worthy competitor to Print That Thing’s Cat Armor. A quick print and great design to include your pet in the festivities. 

Simple LED Unicorn Horn by Adafruit 

For the minimalists among us, Adafruit’s Simple LED Unicorn Horn is a great fit. It makes use of a small battery, electronics board, and LED and Adafruit has included a full tutorial teaching you how to make your own. 

First Order Stormtrooper Helmet by Doodle_Monkey 

This Stormtrooper Helmets is split into multiple pieces to accommodate a wide variety of different machines. We especially enjoyed printing this design in glow-in-the-dark filament. 


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