Pinshape Featured Designs – September 29th

Pinshape Featured Designs – September 29th

In this week’s featured designs, you’ll find several functional assemblies optimized for ease of printing as well as models with incredible finishing techniques. Print any of these and enter into the Proto-pasta Print Contest to win exotic and unreleased materials. 

Twisted Tower by kijai 

We were blown away by both the design and post-processing on this tower by kijai. The model is designed to print entirely without support structures and kijai did an incredible job with painting afterwards. 

Voyager Satellite Desktop Model by nli-leger

It’s been a big month for NASA with the final Cassini orbit and 40th birthday of the Voyager Satellite. Celebrate with this replica of the Voyager optimized for 3D printing and designed to easily attach together. 

Magnetic Low-poly Rose Twist Vase by riskable 

Riskable’s Low-poly Vase is a favourite of the Pinshape team and this remix transforms it into a fully functional wall planter. Tip: Nylon materials are great for making water-tight vases because of the strong layer adhesion. 

Cord Case by jobsmolders

These bite-sized cases are designed to attach to a cord and feature fully functional threads to seal the two halves. A quick print and great functional model to show off!

Deku’s Mask from Boku no Hero Academia by ramonangosto

With New York’s Comic Con just around the corner and Halloween next month, now is the time to get started on your costumes and props. Ramon did a great job with his rendition of Deku’s Mask from Boku no Hero Academia!

Snap Together Chain Fidget by msadler 

Each component of this chain prints flat on the build platform and snaps together to form a functional loop. Use SLS to print this fully functional chain in place! 


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