Pinshape Featured Designs – January 20th

Pinshape Featured Designs – January 20th

This week features functional designs, optical illusions, and a few community favourites. Check them out and enter your prints into our newly launched FilamentOne Print Contest!

2016 Suzuki GSX-RR MotoGP RC Motorcycle by brett turnage

Last week, Brett Turnage released two new RC Motorcycles. We featured his Ducati Draxter and this is the second bike – a Suzuki GSX-RR. He’s packed some impressive electronics into a small form factor and the rider is designed to articulate with the bike. 

Ambiguous Cylinder Illusion by Make Anything

Many of you have probably seen this optical illusion whereas a square seems to turn into a circle when rotated. Give it a print and try it out or check out the video of this illusion in action by Make Anything!

Baby Groot (Remix) by Medelis

Baby Groot prints have taken 3D Printing communities by storm. This remix by Medelis, allows for the design to be printed directly on the build platform with few to no supports. 

Great Wall of China by MiniWorld

MiniWorld’s designs are great for showing off the quality of your printer and this Great Wall was no exception. We printed it in Formlabs’ new Ceramic Resin for the header image!

iPhone Stand Amplifier by Fotis Mint

This amplifier may look small but can really boost the volume of your phone speakers. A simple and functional print by Fotis Mint!

Iceberg Shade by VOOOD

Lamp shades seem to be a favourite of the 3D Printing community with designs from the likes of Virtox and le FabShop. This new design by VOOOD is a great way of using 3D Printing to spice up your home. 

That’s all for this week! Check out all of the entries to the Space Design Contest and stay tuned for the winners announcement!


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