Space Design Contest Winners Announced!

Space Design Contest Winners Announced!

Our Space Design Contest challenged Pinshapers to create something that would be useful to astronauts in space. We had a number of incredible entries and we’re excited to share some of our judges favourites! If you missed out on this one, fear not, we’ve just launched a Character Modelling Contest with a Form 2 as the top prize. 


Honourable Mentions


Space Mealbox by Li Chai

This clever Mealbox gives astronauts a more effective way to mix up food in space and diversify their diet beyond individually packaged grits and asparagus. Li Chai also designed an accompanying spoon with a compartment that can be opened and closed so that food can’t escape out. 



Tortilla Assist Device by michael.boyet

This design is useful for astronauts and terrestrial earthlings alike. It will improve your folding prowess holds and your tortilla open to make adding toppings easier. 


3rd Place


Universal Wrench by carlosh.obregon

This clever wrench is meant to be adjustable so that astronauts can minimize the number of tools they need to bring to space. With a bit of work orienting the two parts in your designs software, this can be printed in one piece! Congratulations! You won a Crafty 3D Printing Pen from MatterHackers and PLA strands to print with!


Second Place


Mandalorian Deathwatch I-Gauntlet by devvans

This Replica of the Mandalorian Deathwatch Gauntlet from Star Wars is designed to accommodate the iPhone 5 and 6SE. Congratulations Devvans, you’ve won an Einscan-S 3D Scanner and fancy filament from MatterHackers!


First Place


Astro-Web by Chen&Nelly

This simple and functional design by Chen&Nelly spices up item storage for astronauts. We really enjoyed the gif of their print in action. Congratulations! You’ve won a ZYYX+ 3D Printer, 3 rolls of filament, and a MatterControl Touch T10. 


A special thank-you to our sponsors, ZYYX 3D Printers, Shining3D and MatterHackers for providing the prizes and our judges who had the tough job of choosing the winners!

Thanks to all that entered into this design contest! For those that would rather stick to printing, check out our Filamentone Print Contest!


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