Pinshape’s Featured Designs! – August 12th

Pinshape’s Featured Designs! – August 12th

This might be the best week of new designs yet! If you’re looking for something to print for the Mitus Filament Contest, look no further! 

Violin by bchan

This week, Formlabs announced an exciting update to their White resin with an awesome video of a fully functional, 3D printed violin designed by engineer Brian Chan and played by Rhett Price. Check out this video of it in action. 


Keychain Propeller by Nextin3D

This cute little keychain prints in multiple pieces and fully rotates. Add-on a few more propellers, some fancy electronics, a GPS, and your keys will be locating and flying to you in no time. 


Voronoi Egg LED Tealight Shade by funkshin

Given my talent with igniting things, I’ll certainly be heeding funkshin’s advice of using LEDs in this tea lamp. Looks to be a good challenge that makes for some great pictures 😉 


CoolPots – Stormtrooper by 3DNG

Last week, I said that posting succulent planters was a solid way to get featured and 3DNG has done a solid job of exploiting that. Combining star wars and succulent planters is hardly fair and almost a guaranteed win. 


Bike Planter by ville

Now, I might have considered the above star wars planter a coincidence, but with two awesome succulent planters in one week, I’m starting to get skeptical. I refuse to redact the statement that most all succulent planters will receive a featured spot. 


Music Box by Nextin3D

Nextin3D designed this incredible music box that plays a tune when rotated. Be forewarned that we haven’t printed and tested this so I’ve not the slightest idea what it plays. Print at your own risk.


“Spock” Basketball Prosthetic Hand by 3D4E at UCLA

The 3D 4 Everyone team at UCLA designed this (quite sizeable) prosthetic hand based on the original Raptor Reloaded by E-nable. They provided some excellent documentation on the design page so that the models can be sized to fit. If you are interested in using 3D design to help those with limited use of their hands, check out the Within Reach Design Contest. You could win an Ultimaker 2+!

That’s it for this week! If you want to learn how to design some of your own models, check out this week’s blog post from CGcookie on the basics of modelling in Blender. 


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