Pinshape’s Featured Designs! – August 19th

Pinshape’s Featured Designs! – August 19th

From light saber hilts to a mini robot and an intricate vase design, this weeks featured designs is packed with impressive models. Check it out!


Custom Cutaway Saber Hilt by cworthdynamics’s 3D Printing and Fabrication Specialist cworthdynamics, designed this incredible saber hilt that was printed on a Form 2. Check out Tested’s video on the design and construction of the hilt and try printing it yourself! 


Planet Express Ship by ChaosCoreTech

Now most of us are hoping Futurama will be resurrected and renewed for new seasons but in the mean time, printing out the Planet Express Ship and enacting scenes ourselves will have to suffice. ChaosCoreTech did a great job with post processing this as well. 


Batman’s Grenade Launcher 1:1 by MillersMadDesigns

This incredible grenade launcher design was one of the top entries in our Batman vs. Superman Design contest. It prints easily in multiple pieces on most FDM machines and fits together nicely. Check back next week for an in depth look at how it was designed on the blog! 


Desk Lamp Shade by danekshea

This lamp shade can spice up otherwise dull desk lamps. If your lamp is prone to overheating, you might want to print it in one of the higher temperature materials like ABS or PETG. 


Wavy Vase by Tanner

Tanner got a bit crafty when making this stylish vase. At the moment it is hollow at both ends but to seal it, we laser cut a piece of plastic and glued it on the bottom. He is coming out with a version two soon that has a filled bottom. Stay tuned!


Stegosaurus Dinosaur Costume Spikes by Metalnat Hayes

Halloween is coming up and Metalnat Hayes has solved the costume picking conundrum for some of us. Combine these LED driven dinosaur spikes with your favourite onesie and you’ll light up the night.  

Generic Front Loader by guaro3D

This is one of several articulated models made by Guaro3D – you can see the excavator design lurking not so subtly in the background. Their easy to print and don’t require much to assemble. These would make for creative print contest entries. 


IMA Juno – Arduino Rover by Explore Making

Explore Making has a number of whimsical designs, some of which utilize integrated electronics. This rover makes for a great introduction to electronics and programming and Explore Making included a full lesson plan. 


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