Pinshape’s Featured Designs – December 30th

Pinshape’s Featured Designs – December 30th

With New Years Day coming up, it’s time to spin up the printer and make some swizzle sticks! If you find yourself with a bit of downtime during the holidays, enter into our Space Design Contest for the chance to win a ZYYX+ 3D Printer. 

3D-printed Watch with Tourbillon by TheGoofy

This is a 3D printed, fully functional watch that runs on a compressed coil. It makes for a challenging print and assembly but is great for showing off the capabilities of 3D printing. 

Simple Pine Tree by CreativeTools

CreativeTools may have been a little late with this Christmas tree design but it’s not too early to start preparing for next year! Print flat on the build platform and easily assemble together. 

New Years Party Picks and Swizzle Sticks by barb_3dprintny

We can’t guarantee the food safety of these 2017 Swizzle Sticks but we can promise that they’ll bring more life to the party. Barb designed them in a variety of different sizes for full coverage of snacks and beverages alike. 

K-2SO by Getxoblues

This K-2SO prints deceptively easily and has a clever mechanism for assembling together. Give it a print in differently colored materials to make your very own desk droid. 

GoPro Hero 5 NinjaFlex Case with Tripod by Adafruit

Ninjaflex is great for functional designs like this case for the GoPro Hero 5. Adafruit also designed it with a mechanism on the bottom for attaching to a tripod. 

Star Wars – Darth Vader by Medelis

Medelis designed this Darth Vader as an anti-stress toy. Give him a print in a flexible material and squeeze away venting your frustration. 

That’s all for this week. Enjoy the holidays and check out Pinshape for more great designs!


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