Most Popular 3D Designs of 2016/2017

Most Popular 3D Designs of 2016/2017

With 2016 coming to a close, it’s time to look back at this year’s most popular designs! The community has spoken and these were your most downloaded models of the year.

Phone Holder by ctrl design

This simple, easy to print, and unique phone holder takes our number 1 spot! Print it direct on platform and use it to hold a variety of different devices. 

Spiral Vase by BigBadBison

With all the vase designs out there, this relatively simple one by BigBadBison takes the prize. A great model for showing off unique printing and post-processing techniques. 

Elephant by le FabShop

This model by le FabShop prints deceptively easily with few supports and features a fully articulating head and legs! 

iCableGuards by 3DNG

Functional designs seem to be in this year so use these simple CableGuards by 3DNG will keep your Apple connectors from wearing out. 

Fully Assembled 3D Printable Wrench by DanielNoree

The most popular 3D Printable Wrench award goes to DanielNoree! This prints with no supports and is fully functional right off the bed.

Low Poly Pokemon by FLOWALISTIK

It’s no surprise that Flowalistik’s Low-Poly Pokemon have made the cut. Check out the newest addition to his low-poly series – C3PO and R2D2.

The Eiffel Tower Miniature by le FabShop

If the full-size Eiffel Tower is too intimidating a print, give this mini one a whirl. Be forewarned, the top will push your printer’s layer cooling to the limits.  

Low-Medium Poly Alduin from Skyrim by ScientificPanda

Use this to show off the true capabilities of your printer. It makes for a challenging print and lengthy cleanup but the final result is well worth it. 

Amazing Skull by mingshiuan

This voronoi skull was designed to print directly on the build platform with few to no supports. Give it a try and make sure to post pictures of your results!

Echo | 3 Tone Whistle by LetsMakeThings

The Echo Whistle went through a number iterations to make it as loud as possible. Give it a go but make sure to read our article on 3D printing and food safety first

That wraps up the most popular designs of the year! Enter our Space Contest if you find yourself with a bit of time. 


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