Pinshape’s Featured Designs – October 14th

Pinshape’s Featured Designs – October 14th

We have a number of awesome articulated and functional designs this week so get printing! Upload pictures of your prints to be entered into our eSUN filament contest and win a roll of PLA+. 

Jointed Doll “Lantea” by Sonia Verdu

We’ve enjoyed seeing Sonia develop this model and are excited to see it released! This articulated doll features lots of individual parts that all fit together. She did 3 full prints on FDM, SLA, and SLS so make sure to check out some of her awesome photos! 


StormAchu! PikaTrooper! by PRESS RESET

This StormAchu combines two of our favourite models from FLOWALISTIK – the Low Poly Pikachu and Storm Trooper. Hopefully the combination improves the Stormtrooper’s aim, at least a little bit. 


Mario Box by 3DIN 

Get creative with the colors on this Mario Box. Unfortunately, it doesn’t come with golden coins but M&Ms might make for a good substitute. 


Action Camera Flex Bubble Tripod by Boring_Prototype 

These tripods have just the right amount of tolerance to articulate freely and stay put. Use them for hours of entertainment or more functionally to improve your 3D print timelapses. 


Urano by Castomized 

Dubbed mysterious alien artifacts, these make for great necklaces or samples to show off your printer! These would look awesome casted and are available in a number of different metals on Shapeways. 


Pi Zero Face Case by keebie81

A year has passed since the pi zero launched and they’re just starting to be actually available. These face cases really take affordable personal computing to the next level and truly turn the pi zero into a pocket computer. 

That’s all for this week. Check out Pinshape for more designs or create your own as entries into our Electronics Design Contest with Adafruit!


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