Find Out Who Won the Electronics Design Contest!

Find Out Who Won the Electronics Design Contest!

This contest proved to be one of our most challenging to judge as there was no shortage of excellent entries. We had 158 entries and our judges had the almost impossible task of cutting it down to just 3 winners and a handful of honourable mentions. Check out the entries page to see some of the great designs from our community and find models for our eSUN print contest.

Honourable Mentions

Talking iBreathe Breathalyzer by daveyclk

If you’re worried you’ve had a bit too much to drink, fear not.  This breathalyzer will estimate your level of drunkenness and politely inform you of the results using voice and some neat cloud integrations. All in a stylish package that’ll fit right in at the bar. 


Rick & Morty Portal Gun by Peazuz 

We expected no shortage of Portal Guns for this contest. I myself am guilty of binge watching both seasons of Rick and Morty in a weekend. This design by Peazuz was well executed and looks like the real thing!


Humbot Sargantana by makit

This little robot is a great introduction to electronics and programming with Arduino. Featuring ultrasonic edge detection and no shortage of LEDs, this was easily one of our favorites. 


Our Winners!

Third Place

Desktop Satellite Antenna by Hyperplane Interactive 

We were blown away by this Desktop Satellite that is capable of rotating and tracking celestial objects. The satellite is programmed to a specific object and space and will follow it in real time using GPS coordinates. Congratulations, you win a crafty 3D Printing Pen from MatterHackers!


Second Place

Otto DIY by Camilo Parra Palacio

This won all of the points in the creativity and uniqueness categories and was also very well executed. Otto dances, (attempts to) sing, avoids obstacles, and is generally pretty cute. Camilo tells us there are more Ottos incoming! Congratulations, you win a Micro3D Printer and 2 spools of MatterHacker Pro Filament! 


First Place

Quadruped Robot by Ronald Jaramillo

This judges were very impressed with the presentation of this design (the puppy may have helped). Felix uses 8 small servo to walk smoothly and is deceptively easy to print and assemble. Congratulations, you win a Robo C2 3D Printer, a $200 Adafruit Gift Card, and 2 Spools of filament (including their new Nylon X) from MatterHackers! 
A special thanks to our awesome judges and sponsors; Robo3d, Adafruit, M3D, and MatterHackers! We really appreciate your support in running these contests. All around excellent job to all those that entered. We were blown away by the community’s designs. If you didn’t win this time, don’t worry. We’ve got another contest on the way soon so stay tuned!


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