Pinshape’s Featured Designs – October 21st

Pinshape’s Featured Designs – October 21st

If you haven’t seen the winning designs for our Electronics Design Contest, check them out on our blog! It was a very competitive contest with lots of amazing entries so if you didn’t win this time, you’ll have another chance to win with a new design contest launching next week!  

Fix It Felix Jr Hammer by Adafruit

Thanks again to Adafruit for sponsoring the Electronics Design Contest and for recently uploading a number of great new designs! This Fix it Felix hammer is no exception with a push button and speaker mounted inside to generate customizable sound effects. 

Screwless Companion Cube Gears by Lochemage

This companion cube is an awesome remix of the screw-less cube gears by emmett. If you haven’t seen these before, absolutely check out some pictures and print your own! 

Articulated Scorpion by NOP21

NOP21 recently uploaded over 60 designs with articulating and moving parts. This scorpion was one of our favorites with over 30 points of articulation! 

MonoPod Light by Castomized 

This phone mount by Castomized allows you to create 5 different camera angles for your phone. It was also designed to have a bit of flex to it so you can use it with a number of different devices. 

Pocket-Tactics: Core Set 1 (Fourth Edition) by Dutchmogul

Dutchmogul may have set a record with over 500 models uploaded to his profile. This is the Fourth Edition Core Set of a fully printable board game he’s created called Pocket Tactics. His models make for excellent prints and many of them don’t require support structures. 

Retro Inspired Ghost by ObviousNinja

These simple retro ghosts are deceptively complex and comprised of multiple different prints. Get creative with  colors and make your own! These also make for great dual extrusion test parts. 

Upload your designs to our eSUN print contest to win 1 of 30 rolls of PLA+! 


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