Pinshape’s Featured Designs – October 7th

Pinshape’s Featured Designs – October 7th

We just launched a new print contest & we’re giving away PLA+ filament from eSUN. We have some awesome featured designs this week that would make for great entries, so get printing!

OpenRC Tractor by makit

This tractor designed by makit is a spin-off of the original OpenRC Car by Daniel Noree. Makit’s design, print, and photography are all excellent and this was one of the top entries in our Proto Pasta Print Contest


$10 Electronic Planter by miogui

If you’re anything like me, any attempt to grow indoor plants ends with a dead plant and sadness. Miogui’s design should help to improve the survival rate a bit and is highly configurable. 


Jennifer’s Teacher Apple Container by Rose Moore

This apple container was designed to print well with minimal supports. Use it to deceive people and hide your M&Ms or I hear it makes for a mighty good teacher’s bribe. 


3D Table Braces by Nestor Barrios

Some of my previous adventures in woodworking and attempting to make a table have gone… poorly. These braces make it much easier to create a fully functional table with a few screws and a bit of glue. 


Minecraft Diamond Ore Lamp by I_am_me

These stylish diamond ore lamps make for easy assemblies and great gifts. I hear there’s plugins for Minecraft that allow you to create fully printable models inside the game. 


54mm Minotaur by Jeremy Gosser

This Minotaur sculpt makes for a more challenging print that’s well worth the effort. We wish you the best of luck in matching the same painting quality as Jeremy Gosser’s!

That’s all for this week. Check out Pinshape for more designs or create your own as entries into our Electronics Design Contest with Adafruit!


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