Proto-pasta Print Contest Winners Announced!

Proto-pasta Print Contest Winners Announced!

This print contest was an especially exciting one as we are giving away unreleased and experimental Proto-pasta filament. To give you a teaser of what exactly this filament looks like, Proto-pasta kindly sent us a few sample rolls to play with. And play with it we did…


Matte Fiber PLA


Top Secret Sparkly Filament

Huge thanks to Proto-pasta for sponsoring this contest and giving away some awesome filament! This one was especially tough as we got a ton of awesome prints. Here are the top 5 entries that will each receive a full roll of Proto-pasta filament of their choice. We’ll be contacting the other 20 winners shortly with instructions on redeeming your sample of exotic filaments!

Top 5 Entries for the Proto-pasta Print Contest

Sci-Fi Gun Prop by Doodle_Monkey 

This Sci-Fi gun is just as large as it looks. Doodle_monkey is doing an excellent job with post-processing and the model isn’t even all put together yet. Check out his photoshop prowess on the print page. 


Custom Cutaway Saber Hilt by horsj

This Saber Hilt was designed for SLA printers so were blown away by the quality horsj was able to achieve on an FDM machine. Can’t wait to see what they do with the filament they’ve just won!


Violin by ryan_hoagland

This violin was likewise designed for SLA and the original designer, bchan, was impressed by the quality on FDM. All that’s needed now is a video of ryan playing it. 


OpenRC Tractor by makit 

Makit designed this tractor as a spin off of Daniel Noree’s OpenRC car. His attention to detail in putting together the models and composing the picture was pretty incredible. 


American Craftsman Bungalow Birdhouse by dookie

We can’t find a single flaw in this print by dookie and there’s a special place in our hearts for functional prints (though let’s see how long it survives the squirrel onslaught). The lens flair really helped to take this print to the next level. 

A big thank-you again to our sponsor Proto-pasta. If you didn’t win this time fear not, we recently launched a print contest sponsored by eSun. Enter to win from their line of PLA+ filaments. 


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