Pinshape’s Featured Designs – September 1st

Pinshape’s Featured Designs – September 1st

We’ve got lots of exciting projects and functional models to feature this week! Our Mitus Print Contest just wrapped up, but it’s entirely possible we’ve another in the works for next week so get printing!

2014 Audi R18 by brett turnage

Our Designer of the Month, Brett Turnage, designed this incredible replica of the 2014 Adui R18 comprised of over 100 individual parts! He wins the record for the largest 3D model on the site and you should check out his article on the differences between additive and subtractive manufacturing


Thank You Stamp by Formlabs

Formlabs designed these stamps to demonstrate some of the functional things you can do with 3D printing and flexible materials. Our graphic designer had a good time writing out the text on a tablet and converting it to a 3D model. You can check out the post here


Lampe Cuivre by fabrication perso

This lamp was made using copper filament that was then sanded and varnished. The lamp accommodates LED bulbs to illuminate handmade Japanese paper panels.  


His and Her Owls by michael-guenther

These owls seem to be a favourite of the maker community. The top hat and flower is a nice touch to the original models. These make for easy prints so use them to show off a bit! 


3D Spinning Top Gun by peer_meller

Peer_meller turned this old toy into a fully functional 3D model. Print it out and assemble it with just a rubber band to make your own working top gun. 


Dragon Sculpt by milostutu

This is one of the most detailed models we’ve seen on the site and we had a lot of fun printing it on a Form 2. If you’re up for a challenge, definitely give this one a go. 

That’s all for this week! If you’ve made it this far, you’re the first to find out about a super exciting contest we’ve just launched


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