Pinshape’s Featured Designs – September 23rd

Pinshape’s Featured Designs – September 23rd

If you’re looking for sweet designs to print for the Proto Pasta Print Contest or inspiration for the Design for Electronics Contest, check out this weeks featured designs. Both contests have some excellent and exotic prizes, so get making! 

Simple LED Unicorn Horn by Adafruit

Many of us (myself included) have a childlike wonder and natural affinity to unicorn horns. Couple this with some LEDs and awesome photography by Adafruit and this was an easy pick. 

Taco Truck by Mizunoslove

Taco transportation is one of the 21st centuries greatest engineering challenges. Mizunoslove provides an eloquent solution, though multiple trips may be needed as 3 slots proves inadequate for those of us more experienced with taco consumption. 


PRESS RESET spliced together two of Pinshape’s most popular designs from FLOWALISTIK; the Low-Poly Darth Vader and Squirtle. Fortunately, the water-type combination increases Vader’s resistance to fire. 

Mason Jar Lamp by samuel_oesterle

This stylish (and hipster) lamp is one of many designs in Samuel Bernier’s Project RE: a series of designs which aspires to make functional products out of recycled household items like mason jars and cans. 

Pencil Disguise Set by jerrycon

With all of the fancy and exotic mechanical pencils newly on the market, it’s hard for older school pencils to keep up. Jerrycon solves this issue and his designs mean that the common pencil can seriously outclass newer mechanical opponents. 

Chromat Hyperwave Harness by CHROMAT

CHROMAT teamed up with Formlabs to make technology a bit more fashionable at their event at New York Fashion Week. This is one of CHROMAT’s models 3D scanned and printed on the Form 2. If you want to see prints from the Form 2 up close and personal, request one of their free samples!

Birdfeeder 4.0 by dave_long

If you want to stress test 3D printing materials, this is the way to do it. Give it a print to see if dave_long’s Birdfeeder 4.0 can stand up to the elements and animals (mostly squirrels).   

That’s all for this week! Need more inspiration for the Proto Pasta Print Contest? Check out our blog post on neat finishing techniques for wooden filaments


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