Pinshape’s Top Designs-June 17, 2016

Pinshape’s Top Designs-June 17, 2016

If you need inspiration for our Push Plastic Print Contest, look no further! This week’s staff picks lend themselves to lots of customization and great pictures! If you’re having trouble getting your prints to stick, check out this week’s blog post on 4 3D Printer Bed Surface Materials for Better Adhesion. Bonus points to those that try the jell-o!


Larissa’s Pick

Materials Developer


Guardian’s of the Galaxy Plant Pot by 3d-graph

Beautiful AND a subtle nod to being a sci-fi fan. What more you could you ask out of a plant potter? Being able to mix and match colors for the three different parts makes it even better!


Sam’s Pick

Digital Asset Management Intern


Han Solo’s DL-44 by 3DNG

I’ve wanted one of these since I was a kid! Great work on this and amazing attention to detail. Maybe I can use this to see whether Han shot first!


Wojtek’s Pick

Front-end Developer 


Father’s Day Sculpture by MakePrintable

Hey, it’s Father’s Day this Sunday! If you’ve exhausted all of your other ideas, why not give him a trophy? This design looks modern and universal. I’m sure it will look great on any bookshelf or desk. Add in a cold brew and he’ll certainly remember it!


laurenLauren’s Pick 

Content Manager 


Ball Fan by Project_1

Summer is coming which means things are about to get a lot warmer! If you’re like me, you much prefer to be a little cold and layer up. This 3d printable desk fan is perfect for keeping you at just the right temperature while you work. Buy a motor to make it functional and you’re good to go!


Jordan’s Pick

Support Team 


3D printed RC Spitfire by 3DLabPrint

Apparently these things actually fly, which is super awesome! The detailing is pretty spot on to history, and the internal structure is innovative, not to mention cool looking. A very interesting project indeed!


Mike’s Pick

Software Developer


Rhino by wei-lun_huang

I like this rhino because it has a lot of character, and it reminds me of a rhino named Nola who used to live at the San Diego zoo. I had a go at printing it in a clear resin so that the light shines through it on my window sill!


Maytal’s Pick

Marketing Intern 


Fruit Bowl – Voronoi-Style #4 by 3d-graph

I really love the double-walled, voronoi pattern! It’s going to look great on my coffee table and will be super convenient for remotes and chargers which otherwise have a propensity for disappearing.


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