Push Plastic Print Contest Winners Announced!

Push Plastic Print Contest Winners Announced!

We’re always impressed by the quality or prints our community posts! This contest was no exception and this time you showed us your best prints for a chance to win 1 of 40 rolls of filament from Push Plastic.

Thanks to all those who shared their prints, keep up the great work! Push Plastic and one of our community members chose the top 40 prints who will each take home 1 roll of filament from Push Plastic! Winners have been contacted by email with instructions on how to redeem their filament.  Here are just some of the top entries we received for the contest.


Top Entries for our Push Plastic Print Contest


Model kit – Han Solo’s DL-44 Heavy Blaster Pistol by 3DNG

3DNG used the Simplify3D license they won in the Batman v Superman contest to slice this model. Not only did they do a great job printing and post processing the model but 3DNG is the original designer! Looks like they’re putting Simplify3D to good use.


Scarab Beetle Box (with secret lock)- by TriForce

The aged look on this ancient Egyptian style beetle box really brings it to life! TriForce did a great job with the print and picked a fantastic design by Louise Driggers. 


Dwarfclan Bondi (18mm scale) – by fuzionist

Despite this print being quite small, fuzionist was able to keep all the details in place and used a 0.04mm layer height! Special shout out to his wife who painted it by hand – the post processing takes this model to the next level! Check out all his slicer settings on the print page.  


The Steam Rocket – by Pikitote

This beautiful print was made with co-polyester so that Pikitote could sand it down to paint with oil! The oil paints is where the amazing metallic look comes from. Check out the before and after pictures on the print page. 


Robot woman “Robotica” – by tigerklaue

The detail in this jointed model is incredible! As it turns out, you don’t necessarily need any fancy supplies for post processing as her colour was put on with permanent marker. Looks great! 


A big thank-you to our sponsor PushPlastic! We can’t wait to see what our winners print with their new filament. 

 If you didn’t win this time – don’t worry! We’ve got another print contest on the way. If you’re a 3D designer, don’t forget to check out our Within Reach Design contest where you can design an assistive tool for someone with limited use of their hands. The winner will take home an Ultimaker 2+.  






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