Top Designs of the Week- Pokémon Edition!

Top Designs of the Week- Pokémon Edition!

Seeing as Pokémon Go is the most popular app right now and has even surpassed Twitter and Tinder for daily users, what better opportunity for us to share our favourite Pokémon designs!  Turns out,  it’s not terribly difficult to find Pinshape and Formlabs staff that play Pokémon Go. 


Craig’s Pick

Engineer of Mechanical Things

Mega Charizard by  董彬文

As a small child, when I got my first pack of ten Pokémon cards, I got a holographic Charizard. At the time, I did not know how magnificently rare the card was. One of my friends, taking advantage of the situation, offered to trade me about fifteen common cards for my Charizard. I thought it was a good trade (fifteen cards for just one!) and accepted. Years later, after the Pokémon craze had passed, I stole all of my friend’s rare and duplicate cards. The lesson here is to trust no one.


Sam’s Pick

Marketing Wizardry Intern 

Pikachu by  董彬文

Now I could easily drive home from work but I’ve opted for the 45 minute walk for no other reason but to catch Pokémon. My hope is that by choosing Pikachu as my staff pick, I’ll please the Pokémon Go gods and be rewarded on tonight’s trek home. 


Chris’ Pick 

Manufacturing Magician

Pokeball by SpragClutch

This is really neat because you can print little Pokémon to sit in your functional Pokeball, and show the world that you have indeed caught em all 😉


laurenLauren’s Pick 

Manager of all of the Content!

Wartortle by  董彬文

I love the water and Wartortle is one of my favourite Pokémon (water starters unite)! With the new release of Pokémon Go, you might be able to catch one just around the corner though us Canadians aren’t so lucky just yet. 


Ashely’s Pick

Graphic Design Wizard

Bulbasaur Succulent Planter by MrFSosa

I’ve got a mini succulent farm going on my desk. Now I don’t know too much about Pokémon but I do know that this one is pretty cute and I’ve a nice cactus that’ll really take him to the next level. 


Brian’s Pick

Customer Supporter

Pokemon Go Plus by Chaousghoul

We share a building with a few other companies, but when there’s a Wartortle sighting, all bets are off. An impressive number of us vacated our space to venture to the other end of the building. A small crowd had formed by the time we got there. 


Other Brian’s Pick (there are 5)

Developer of Web Bits 

Pikachu Mudguard by PIPE AGUIRRE

Cycling and Pokémon Go play well together pretty nicely, especially when you’ve got eggs to hatch. I’m printing one of these and a handlebar mount for my phone. Team Valor won’t have control of the gym here for terribly much longer. 



Low Poly Pokemon by Flowalistic

Some of our favourite Pokémon models are Flowalistic’s low poly designs! He’s got a whole collection so make sure to check them out if you haven’t already. 

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Now it’s time to go out and catch em all! When you’re not playing Pokemon Go, check out our assistive technology design challenge for the chance to win an Ultimaker 2 Extended+ and other sweet prizes