Top Entries from the Taulman 3D Print Contest!

Top Entries from the Taulman 3D Print Contest!

Our Taulman 3D Print Contest just ended and we had plenty of incredible entries. 30 lucky winners will recieve rolls of Taulman’s Exclusive T-Glase filament and you can check out our top 6 favorite entries below! If you’re a 3D designer, make sure to checkout the Mechanical Design Contest where you can win a Formlabs Form 2. 

“Braq” jointed dragon by PavelRaus

We were absolutely blown away by the scale and quality of this print of “Braq” by PavenRaus. The print itself took 996 hours and the post-processing and painting is incredible. 

PistenBully 1:14 R/C by Supeso

Supeso both designed and printed this impressive PistenBully R/C. Check out the design page to see video of the vehicle in action and to make your own! Awesome job with this entry!

Frankenstein Light Switch Plate by Kyle.Damrell

This functional light switch design is a great way to spice up your home or MakerSpace. Kyle Damrell did a great job with the printing and assembly! 

3D Printed Headphones by shannon_ley

Check out the design page to learn how to make your own fully functional 3D printed headphones for $25! Shannon did a great job with the creation and photography of this entry. 

Boneheads: Raven – Skull Kit by kijai

Kijai created this print using standard PLA but coated it in a mixture of wood glue and copper powder afterwards. Great job with the clever post-processing technique and we really enjoyed the aged look. 

Pirates of the Caribbean Skull by Medelis

Medelis electroplated this Pirates of the Caribbean skull to achieve the copper coating. A mixture of acetone and graphite was used to make the model conductive so that it would take well to copper. Great job!  

Thanks to all of those who entered! Make sure to check out all of the other great entries!


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