Pinshape Featured Designs – June 30th

Pinshape Featured Designs – June 30th

The Taulman 3D Print Contest ended this week and we had a number of incredible entries that you can find here! If you missed this one, there’s another contest in the works so stay tuned. The Mechanical Design Contest is wrapping up today so get in your final entries for the chance to win a Formlabs Form 2!

8-Bit Classic Mario by jakejake

This was created by printing out voxels individually and gluing them together. A multi-extrusion printer isn’t required for you to make your own! 

Fran by gokcen_yuksek

We were blown away by this newest design by Gokcen. Fran is comprised of a number of different components which were mixed and matched to create this incredible stop motion film! 

Hand-Screw Clamp by jakejake

This Hand-Screw Clamp is made entirely of 3D printed parts. Two screws are adjusted to provide an impressive amount of force. Make sure to check out the video of it in action!

Death Star HQ by Eolus 

Eolus has designed this Death Star in two halves for deceptively easy printing. The model comes with both a solid base or hook so you can display it however you’d like. 

OpenRC Tractor Lifter by makit

The newest addition to Makit’s OpenRC Tractor is a fully functional lift that uses a motor and screw combo. Check out the video of it in action and make sure to visit Makit’s profile to see the other OpenRC accessories! 

Wonder Woman Tiara by Desktop Makes 

Desktop Make’s newest tutorial teaches you how to make this Wonder Woman design in Fusion360! Check out his profile for other great designs and tutorials. 

That’s all for this week! Check out the winners of the Taulman 3D Print Contest for more great designs! 


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