Top 3D Designs of the Week! – June 24th

Top 3D Designs of the Week! – June 24th

There’s a little under 2 weeks left in our Push Plastic Print to Win Contest! Enter for a chance to win a roll of Push Plastic’s quality filament. We’ve got some awesome models in this week’s staff picks so load them up and give them a whirl. We look forward to seeing your prints!


Ariel’s Pick

Legal Team 

Pizza Valve Cap by 3DBrooklyn

These Pizza valve caps caught my eye possibly because I haven’t yet had lunch and probably because I ride my bike everywhere. Either way, I am always looking for fun ways to accessorize my bike and show my appreciation for pizza..!


Sam’s Pick

Marketing Wizardry Intern 

Gryphon by wei-lun_huang

Gryphons have always been in my top three favorite mythical creatures. Though I believe they exist. I cannot wait to put this on my night table so I can be inspired by it as I wake up every morning.


Wojtek’s Pick 

Front End Developer

Shipping Containers – Modular Storage by Mutant Design

Whether you’re a hoarder, an industrial design enthusiast or both—you will not regret printing this design. These shipping containers by Mutant Design looks awesome. They can even be stacked on top of each other and snap shut.


laurenLauren’s Pick 

Content Manager 

Jointed Robot by Sonia Verdu

This jointed robot was made beautifully! Sonia does an amazing job with creating movable characters and displaying them in such a creative way. Keep up the great work Sonia!


Kevin’s Pick

Sales Team 

daVinci Gear by clint_campbell

This is an interesting mechanical assembly. I always enjoy taking things like this apart and reassembling. I’ve made some awesome gears on the Form 2 and I look forward to printing this!


Eliza’s Pick

Printer of all of the things!

Wale by Castomized

This ring is charming and quick to print! It has a ton of personality packed into a small design. 3D printed jewelry can be hard to pull off without getting too cheesy, but this one gets it right. Check out her print!


Stephen’s Pick

Support Team 

Voronoi Pearl Light Lamp by 3d-graph

I was exposed to the Voronoi style within a few days of my first 3D print, and I’ve been drawn to these models ever since. Bringing the design outside the model by projecting the light and shadows across surrounding surfaces draws a new allure to Voronoi.


Craig’s Pick

Mechanical Engineer 

t-rex model by jidapa_kerdsiri

As I have said before, I love 3D printing animals. Mostly snails, to be honest, but other animals are good too. Even extinct animals, like the t-rex. This t-rex model, currently Jidapa Kerdsiri’s one and only Pinshape creation, brings out the ferociousness of the might t-rex. The sharp, scary teeth easily offset the short, stubby arms. One can imagine this t-rex sacrificing itself to protect small mammals during the asteroid impact…


That’s all for this week! Make sure to enter into our Bike Accessory Design Contest for a chance to win a Form 2 and subscribe to our newsletter so you don’t miss out on any of the action. Until next week, happy printing!

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