3D Printer Contest Winner

3D Printer Contest Winner

We are happy to announce we have a winner for our free 3D printer contest!

Congratulations to Frank Romero, the lucky guy who had his name randomly selected at the conclusion of the contest.

Frank entered the contest when he stopped by our booth at Maker Faire a few weeks ago. He lives in the heart of Silicon Valley with his two kids. Seeing as how he lives so close,  he dropped by our office on Friday to pick up the prize with his daughter.

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As an executive at a startup company and an aspiring maker, Frank already has plans to put the printer to good use. He’ll be able to use the printer to help produce prototypes for work, saving his company valuable time and money compared to outsourcing and ordering from print bureaus.  That is, of course, assuming his kids don’t take over first! Frank told us they are already thinking of ways to use the 3D printer to print out things that could help them start their own business and can’t wait to get started. A full family of makers/entrepreneurs is in the works. It’s really great to see the interest and enthusiasm in 3D printing from everyone in the family.

As for the impact of the industry, Frank sees the potential of the technology as very large and is excited to get his feet wet.

I think 3D printing is the future of custom, on-demand creation of physical things for work or play. said Frank. “3D printing will usher in a new era of manufacturing”. “My family and I are super excited to learn, explore, personalize and create! Thank you Pinshape!”

You’re welcome Frank, welcome to the 3D revolution. We can’t wait to see what you and your family create!

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