Best 3D designs of the week – 25 September, 2015

Best 3D designs of the week – 25 September, 2015

Hey Pinshapers, 

More of the best new 3D printing designs to show you this week! We have robot dogs, tricky puzzles, a War-of-the-Worlds-inspired juicer… And to think all this rad stuff can be printed in the comfort of your own home! What a time to be alive.

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lucas' faceLucas’ Pick

Still loves math

Best 3D designs pinshape baffling puzzle ball

Baffling Puzzle Ball by richard_swika

This thing looks awesome! I love solving puzzles – the tricker the better – and this one looks like a lot of fun. Plus, once I’ve finished playing, I guess I could give my son a turn. Seems like an easy print which is always a bonus.


nick's faceNick’s Pick

Robot Lover and Dog Lover

Best 3d designs pinshape snooptron
MakerTron – SnoopTron by iwontdeny

Holy crap! Look at this thing! This is one of the coolest entries so far in our MakerTron Design Contest. I love the imagination and thought put into this design, claiming everyone needs a sidekick, and that the MakerTron are no different. This robo-beast was designed in multiple parts to make printing easier and will no doubt make the perfect friend and loyal companion. With 3 weeks left in the contest, I can’t wait to see what else gets created!


andre's faceAndre’s Pick

That guy that goes to the bar and asks for juice


Best 3D designs pinshape juicy saliff

Juicy Saliff by Ozkal_Ozsoy

This is a sweet looking citrus squeezer. Looks like a spaceship. 

Thanks to Özkal you can cheaply print this awesome juicer that goes for $100+ USD on Amazon


victoria's faceVictoria’s Pick

UX/UI Designer 
Big Kid!


Best 3D designs pinshape chessapiens chess setChesSapiens chess set by dan steele

Zomg!! Cute little chess pieces! What a great way to give chess a playful little twist from its usual seriousness. This will be a great substitute to teach little kids the game of chess, heck I think these pieces would make a great addition to any kid’s toy box simply as figurines because cuteness! This is definitely on my list of Christmas or birthday gift ideas. 🙂


Karen's FaceKaren’s Pick

Community Manager 
Party Planner


Best 3D designs pinshape ninja pumpkinsNinja Pumpkin by PRINTinZ

It’s never too early to prep for Halloween (hey! Victoria chose a jack o lantern last week! So at lease one person agrees) and this Ninja Pumpkin is just what I need when displaying some treats. It requires some assembly, and I can’t wait to print it out. Trying to think of other possible color schemes because I think I’m going to want more than one of these!


Screen Shot 2015-07-23 at 11.36.00 AM

Kate’s Pick

Software Developer 

Best 3D designs pinshape puppolo

Puppolo by Stefano Pento

❀ Cute and fun little man with a big tummy. I would love to have a such one. You know, kitchen is the place where girls usually spend a lot of time, so it’s quite important to make it cosy and nice. Such small things for sure can help with this. ❀


wojtek's faceWojtek’s Pick

Front-end Developer 


Best 3D designs pinshape big thumbz xbox joysticksBig Thumbz Xbox Joysticks by shookdesign

You know what’s cool this week? These thumb/joystick attachments for your Xbox gamepad. If you have trouble gripping these guys for that perfect snipe, look no further! Quick and easy print that might make you addicted to Xbox again. Don’t say I didn’t warn you…

Good thing I still have an old and clunky PS3.


sergey's faceSergey’s Pick

Back-end Developer 
Gladiator fan


Best 3D designs pinshape helmet gladiator keychain

Helmet Gladiator, keychain by david_ruiz

Gladiator is my most favorite film. I was browsing Pinshape and found a Gladiator helmet – a minimized version of one in the film. The first thing that came to my mind was – is it really possible to print it in such a great quality? But after I watched a video mentioned in the description I have no doubts. Now I think this will be the next design I print.


Best 3D designs staff picture damienDamien’s Pick

Marketing Manager
Budding blastbeater


Best 3D designs pinshape headphones and drum stick holder

Drum sticks and headphone support by Denis Geral

I’ve been eyeing off an electronic drum kit for a while, ever since I fell in love with bashing repeatedly on plastic in the Guitar Hero series. This will be a super handy addition to the growing jam space that is my lounge room! Simple and effective.

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