Contest Winners: ELLE Jewelry Design Contest!

Contest Winners: ELLE Jewelry Design Contest!

Here are your winners for the ELLE Jewelry Design Contest! Thank you to everyone who submitted their designs, all of them were amazing! You all made this our largest contest to date.

We’d like to thank Kudo3D and ELLE Time & Jewelry for sponsoring this contest and providing the fantastic prizes.

Now, here are the winners!


3rd Place: Fire Ring by


third place ELLE

Our third place winner, was inspired to create this piece by nature and architecture. He became involved with 3D printing in 2006-2011 while working as Senior CAD Designer at L’AZURDE. After leaving the company, he started his own studio and has continued with 3D design since. His words of advice to other designers out there, are to be “knowledgeable about the manufacturing process…and [have] experience in creation of the art.”


2nd Place: Bound Bracelet by landestroyer

Screen Shot 2015-05-05 at 3.08.23 PM

Our second place design, from Liz Landis, is a beautifully crafted bracelet that seamlessly combines rope-like and smooth textures to create a stunning and incredibly wearable piece. Fleshing out the idea for her design took several days. Once she had a finalized design, the modelling only took a few hours. Her goal for the piece was to visually represent the strength and beauty of the bonds we build our lives around. She says, “bonds, while oftentimes thought of as restrictive, don’t have to limit you. Find strength and beauty in what binds you.”

Liz got started in 3D design when she majored in Game Art at Ringling College of Art and Design. She’s constantly working on new projects, and keeps busy with freelance clients. When inspiration strikes, she’ll seize the opportunity and work on a new design. Her advice for designers is to keep learning and growing. “Technology is always changing and you have to be adaptable. Also, create things that come from your heart and soul, and not just what you think is marketable. Be true to yourself as an artist.”


1st Place: Nudo Ring by Necora


first place


Our first place winner, Eduardo Díaz Tostado, found inspiration for this design from elegance and complexity to create the illusion of an interlocked knot. He says, “My goal was to create a design that could only be archived through 3D printing and showcases the 3D printing possibilities. The resulting design is complex and the fluid continuous lines make it  elegant.”

He became involved in 3D jewelry design at his home University (UNAM) in Mexico City where he took a course on 3D printed jewelry design. He recounts, “I loved the possibilities and the resulting pieces from day one, and since that moment I’ve been creating jewelry pieces.”




He plans to use the Kudo3D printer, to create jewelry and other complex models, and he says that he is “eager to start working with it, and explore all the possibilities.” Which will most definitely come in handy on his next design project, where he will work on his own jewelry brand Nécora ( A brand that he hopes to build into, “one of the best jewelry brands [out there]”

His advice to other designers? “Always keep experimenting, the beauty of jewelry is that you can create anything you like as long as its new and beautiful. Find your style and always try to improve yourself.”


Also, a big congratulations to our runner up Gabriel Calvillo with his Lien Pendant entry! 


lien pendant


Congratulations to all of our contest winners, and thanks again to everyone who submitted their designs!


Missed the this contest? Don’t worry, there will be more contest coming soon so check back.


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