Celebrate Earth Day with these 3D Prints!

Celebrate Earth Day with these 3D Prints!

Earth Day is here, and that means letting your green thumb fly free! Here are some great 3D prints that will help you give back to the earth and start planting.

Counter Top Herb Garden


counter top herb garden


Get fresh herbs year round with this Counter-top Herb Garden from designer Dan Steele! The design prints without supports, and the assembled product involves three removable pots, a drip tray and a height adjustable light. As Dan says, ‘Fresh herbs make all the difference in cooking,” so you’ll definitely love this addition to your kitchen counter.

Get started here


Happy Pot Planter


happy pot planters


These pots, from designer xyzworkshop, will make your gardening just a little more happy thanks to their adorable smiles. The prints can be sized up for large plants or sized down for desktop-sized plants in your slicer settings. We suggest making a couple different sizes – the pots are even cuter when they’re with a few differently-sized friends.

Download them here


3DPonics Urban Farming System




Are you a city dweller or just not an outdoor enthusiast? No problem! Celebrate the earth by getting your urban farmer on with this urban farming kit from 3DPonics. The system is FDM certified by 3DPonics, and you can assemble it in three ways: the drip hydroponics system, the non-circulating hydroponics system or the 3DPonics mini system. You can find instructions and the parts on their profile!

Download yours here.


Bulbasaur Succulent Planter


bulbausaur planter


We already have planters on the list, but this little guy was too great to leave out. He’s easy to print without supports and is a perfect addition to your desk or as a decoration in your kids’ playroom.

Find it here


Happy Earth Day!



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