Pinshape Featured Designs – January 27th

Pinshape Featured Designs – January 27th

This week we launched a Character Modelling Contest sponsored by Formlabs, Wacom, and Zbrush with a Form 2 as the top prize! Stick around until the end of this week’s featured designs to see some great entries.

Combination Safe by Savage Rodent

This fully printed safe allows you to set your own combination and lock up valuables and the numbers must be rotated correctly for the safe to open. A great example of a fully printable and functional design!

Oddish High Poly Planter (printable without supports) by David_L_G

Planters have always been a favourite of ours and this Oddish is no exception. This design prints without any supports and ‘evolves’ depending on which plant you decide to use. 

Director Krennic by Getxoblues

Getxoblues always does a great job creating characters that print easily and assemble together. This Director Krennic is a great addition to his other Star Wars themed designs!

Raspberry PI Retro Gaming Console Casing by David_L_G

RetroPi allows you to play classic arcade games on a RaspberryPi and this case by David_L_G elevates it into a full fledged console! The design can be modified to fit a number of different boards as well. 

3D Ceramic Cup by taekyeom

Taekyom just joined Pinshape with a number of impressive designs printed in ceramics. He’s modified an FDM printer to extrude ceramic but most all of his designs can be printed in standard plastics as well!

Butcher by GreatSwamp

We were blown away by the detail in this Butcher design and are looking forward to printing it on a Form 2. This is a great entry to our Character Modelling Contest and we can’t wait to see everyone else’s. 

That’s all for this week! Give any of these designs a print and enter into Filamentone Print Contest to win PLA filament. 


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