Pinshape Featured Designs – October 20th

Pinshape Featured Designs – October 20th

In this week’s featured designs, you’ll find designs that make for great contest entries and display pieces as well as a number of functional models. We’re excited to announce the Create to Educate Lesson Plan Contest where you can enter to win an Ultimaker 3! 

Fortress of the Crescent by kijai

Kijai continues to impress with each new design and this Fortress of the Crescent is our favorite yet. An excellent display part and benchmark for the quality of your machine. 

Circuit Playground Case – Shapes Edition by Adafruit

Adafruit used a filament swap technique to make these simple and aesthetic circuit cases and you can learn how to achieve the same effect here! These make for great cases for the circuit playground series and can also serve as simple miscellaneous containers. 

Lithophane Lamp by Andrew Claasen

This lithophane lamp is an excellent gift for family and significant others and Andrew’s frame coupled with this tutorial on making your own lithophanes is sure to impress. 

Skull Island by kijai

If kijai’s Fortress of the Crescent design is a bit intimidating, this Skull Island is a great place to start. Kijai did an incredible job with both the printing and painting on this part. 

Low-Poly 1964 Stingray by DominimaDesign

DominimaDesign has released the next iteration in their low-poly car series, a 1964 Stingray! Print this at full scale to ensure that the wheels are fully functional.

Candy Pumpkin by ctrl design

While this may outwardly seem pretty simple, the inside houses a number of mechanics that turn this into a functional camera dispenser. Check it out in ctrl design’s video!


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