Top Entries in the Proto-pasta Print Contest ?

Top Entries in the Proto-pasta Print Contest ?

The Proto-pasta Print Contest was among our most exciting contests yet with 5 winners each week receiving exotic and unreleased materials from Proto-pasta! In this post, you’ll find the Pinshape team’s favorite entries which show off great designs and can help to inspire your future contest entries!

Voyager Satellite Desktop Model by zed_zer0

Noah Lileger did a great job with this original Voyager design, and we were blown away by zed_zer0’s print and photography. Zed did an excellent job recreating the colors from the original design with multiple materials. 

The High Admiral by Antepost

The High Admiral was a top entry in the Avatar Design Contest and is especially well suited for showing off your printer’s resolution. Antepost did an excellent job with this print on FDM and has included the settings they used on the print page. 

Zelda: Breath of the Wild – Guardian Sword with NeoPixel LEDs by xile6

Xile6 did an incredible job creating this Guardian Sword and you can make your own with Adafruit’s full tutorial. If some of the pieces are too large for your machine, check out this post on creating parts larger than your printer’s build volume. 

3D printed Watch with Tourbillon by Edward Simpson

The printed Tourbillon is one of the most intricate and mechanically detailed designs we’ve seen and Edward did a great job with their rendition. It took over 100 hours to print, and we’d love to see the watch in action!

OpenR/C Formula 1 Car by Andrea Cavalli

Daniel Noree’s OpenR/C design is one of the most popular designs on Pinshape, and Andrea did a great job with both the print and electronics assembly. Check out this post where we tried our hand at creating the OpenR/C F1 car using the Formlabs Form 2. 

Ghost // Destiny by BIRD

Many of us on the Pinshape team eagerly await the release of Destiny 2 (on PC) and were excited to see this re-creation of Tanner’s ghost design. BIRD did a great job with the coloring by printing this with multiple materials, and if you’d prefer to paint, learn how to here!

Thanks again to our sponsor, Proto-pasta, and congratulations to all of the winners! For those itching for more competition, check out the newly launched Create to Educate Contest where you can win an Ultimaker 3. 


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