Pinshape Featured Designs – October 27th

Pinshape Featured Designs – October 27th

In this week’s featured designs, you’ll find props that make for great Halloween costume additions and a number of models that show off your printing prowess. We’re excited to announce the Create to Educate Lesson Plan Contest where you can enter to win an Ultimaker 3! 

Destiny 2 RedDwarf by odd works

Odd works continues to impress with their design ability, and we’re especially blown away by the painting and finishing on this Destiny 2 RedDwarf. The design is split into multiple pieces for ease of printing and assembly so you can make your own! 

The Citadel by kijai

Kijai has uploaded at least one new tower design each week and we’re having trouble keeping up! They did an exceptional job with the design and printing of this newest Citadel design. 

Birdhouse – 3 Pieces by Sonia Verdu

Sonia’s Birdhouse was originally designed to print without supports and this new version is split into 3 pieces for even easier printing and to allow you to scale it larger than your printer’s build volume. 

Mp3 Feather – Gordon Cole by Adafruit 

This Mp3 player by Adafruit both looks great and is fully functional. Check out Adafruit’s tutorial where they guide you through the necessary materials and steps to make your own. 


As the price of Bitcoin surges past $6000, many new adopters are starting to invest in crypto-currencies. Print this in a metal filament and polish it for an especially worthy print. 

Low-Poly Penguin by DominimaDesign

Low-Poly designs continue to take the 3D printing community by storm and this is the first faceted penguin we’ve seen. A simple print for benchmarking your machine and showing off to friends. 


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