Pinshape’s Featured Designs – September 16th

Pinshape’s Featured Designs – September 16th

We’ve a number of great designs this week many of which make use of shiny LEDs and integrated electronics (possibly alluding to the next contest?) Some of these would also make for great entries to the active Proto-Pasta Print Contest where you can win secret unreleased filaments. 

Circuit Playground NeoPixel Yoyo by Adafruit

I heard we’ve an awfully exciting contest launching with Adafruit so it only makes sense that we feature this awesome Yoyo featuring their NeoPixel series. Check out their profile for a number of awesome projects usually featuring some combination of 3D printing and integrated ele

Articulated GU10 Lamp by Imrich Konkol

This stylish lamp is fully articulating and made to accommodate LED bulbs (less efficient lights might melt things). It was designed using the models for an articulating PCB arm so give it a print and position it however you’d like. 

Ratchet’s Omniwrench by Nextin3D

Ratchet and Clank was a childhood favorite and this Omniwrench would make for a great albeit challenging print. It can be scaled from keychain to full-size cosplay prop. 

Single Form 2 Build Volume Giant Spiral Tower by Tanner

Now the Form 2 isn’t quite this tall but all of the segments for this giant tower were in fact printed on one build platform and then glued together. A challenging print but it could be useful with Christmas sort of kind of coming up 😉 

Sony Xperia and iPad Mini Charging Dock by Denise Lee

This charging dock cleverly corrects one of the bigger challenges with a lot of docks which is they tend to be light and move around or fall over easily. The back accommodates a roll of coins which should provide plenty of extra weight. 

iPhone Camera Mount for 6/6S/7 by 3DEX Ltd

This clever mount is a quick print and fully hinges. It’s easy to assemble and makes for a great mount to precisely position your camera and up your photography game. 

Congratulations to the winners of the Within Reach Design Challenge and stay tuned for an upcoming contest that may or may not have to do with electronics and 3D printing


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