Winners Announced for Within Reach Design Challenge !

Winners Announced for Within Reach Design Challenge !

For the Within Reach Design Challenge, we teamed up with eNABLE, MatterHackers, and Ultimaker to challenge the 3D community to create assistive tools to help those with limited use of their hands.  We were blown away by the thought and creativity that went into the design submissions we received in both the under and over 18 category. 

Thank-you to our judges who had the difficult task of picking just three designs in each category. Before we announce the winners, here are a few of our honourable mentions. 

Honorable Mentions (in no particular order)

Under 18 Category: 

The Hashi Beta by phyllis_alinsao

Phyllis empathizes with people who are from a culture that uses chopsticks and have limited hand use. The design functions well and there’s even a creative video to go along with it


Refrigerator Assisted Drawer Opener by jonathan_horbund

We loved this idea because it’s simple but very effective and relevant to just about everyone who might have limited use of their hands. Jonathan made four different versions so you can pick your food of choice!


Drawer Opening Assitive Device by SashmoTheMuffinMan

One of our judges, Brandy printed this out and says she uses it on her office drawer at work. Another great idea that is applicable on a daily basis for someone with limited use of their hands.


Over 18 Category: 

Flow – the universal tap adapter by riyadh.rateme

This is a simple but effective design that you can print to attach to a twisting tap in the house. It allows you to open and close the tap by pressing on it with your fist instead of using your fingers. 


Universal Food Tray (Within Reach Design Competition) by chiaolinghong3D

Chiaoling designed this tray to allow people to move dishes (or just about anything) without gripping it with their hands. It’s useful for both amputees and those who have only a mild limitation. We loved seeing the evolution of the design as it went through its various iterations. 


Under 18 Winners!

3rd Place: 

Keyboard air for typing by JOHLINK

This design is great because it doesn’t require any straps or complicated mechanisms to use – they are designed to easily pop on and off. MatterHackers printed these out for Brady and she found them helpful. Congratulations! You’ve won $50 MatterHackers credit!


2nd Place: 

Zipper Aid and Easy Keychain Ring by Amy W

This design is simple (prints in under 10 minutes!), discreet and very practical. Amy contributed a few designs to the contest but this was the one the judges were especially impressed with. Congratulations! You’ve won a Crafty Pen and $100 MatterHackers Credit. 


1st Place: 

The Nail It – A simplistic nail guide for anyone by AandN

This tool would be very useful for anything from hanging pictures to using a credit card in an ATM machine. It was designed by two students (Grade 7 and Grade 9) that were inspired by their teacher who has an amputated thumb. Congratulations! You’ve won an Ultimaker 2+, a T10 3D Printer Controller and 3 spools of MatterHackers Pro PLA


Over 18 Winners!

3rd Place: 

The Householdhelp by Björn Kok

Björn designed this tool for people like his Mom who can only use one hand do to things like mopping and sweeping. It’s designed to take a bit of pressure off the arm. Brandy also said this would be helpful for her to learn paddle boarding! Congratulations, you win a $50 MatterHackers credit!


2nd Place: 

Handy Tool to open plastic containers by Gontran

This tool was designed to be compatible with a number of different containers. It also has a point on the other side that helps open plastic seals which is a great addition. Congratulations! You win a Crafty Pen and $100 MatterHackers Credit


1st Place: 

Spin Sling 360 Knob to Lever Kit by Nick Aitken

This is a great idea that was designed with 3D printing in mind and is extremely helpful for anyone with hand disabilities. There’s a great video to go with it that explains the designer’s thoughts and challenges throughout the whole design process. Congratulations! You win an Ultimaker 2+ Extended, a T10 3D Printer Controller, and 3 Spools of MatterHackers Pro PLA!

Thank-you to everyone who entered the contest. Your designs are inspiring and will continue to help make life easier for those with limited use of their hands.  A special thanks to our sponsors, MatterHackers and Ultimaker for providing prizes and to our special partner eNABLE for bringing this amazing community together. 

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