Pinshape’s Featured Designs – September 9th

Pinshape’s Featured Designs – September 9th

This week’s featured designs is full of functional models like an incredible fully 3D printed camera and brass knuckle beard comb (we quite like the juxtaposition). Many of them would make for great entries into our Proto Pasta Print Contest

SLO Printed Lens Camera by Amos Dudley

Amos Dudley from Formlabs designed and printed this fully functional camera. The entire camera including the lens and functional mechanical shutter were printed on a Form 2. Check out the blog post which includes some pictures taken with the camera. 

The Knuckled Comb by fullybearded

This is a great example of using 3D printing for functional designs and small-medium scale manufacturing. Fullybearded has designed this brass knuckled beard comb and launched it on kickstarter using almost entirely additive manufacturing. 

Julius Caesar by Yousef Mansy

If you’re looking to show off the resolution of your printer, look no further. This bust of Julius Caesar is a hallmark print that could make for some awfully pretty prints for contests.  

Professor Pint by daveyclk

daveyclk added a bit of flavour to what are typically pretty boring drink holders. Let professor pint give you a hand by insulating your drink a bit and creating a few easy holds. 

Red Wagon SD Holder by Explore Making

Explore Making has a number of great designs to introduce new makers to electronics, coding, and 3D printing. This SD holder makes for a cute and convenient place to store some of your projects. 

Mech Phone Stand by mybrainhurts

This takes the typical phone stand to the next label. Mybrainhurts has designed a modular and articulating mechatronic phone holder which includes ports for charging and comes with a number of interchangeable attachments. 

Thanks to everyone who entered into the Within Reach Design Contest. Winners will be announced shortly & in the meantime, check out all the amazing entries!   


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