Pinshape’s Top Designs ! – June 10, 2016

Pinshape’s Top Designs ! – June 10, 2016

If you’re looking for designs to print on the weekend, check out some of our top designs this week! Better yet, just for printing them and uploading it to Pinshape, you will automatically enter to win a roll of Push Plastic filament in our new print contest! Here’s our picks for this week: 


Moira’s Pick

Sales Team

These cats are adorable, but they are also so much more! This awesome print will prop up my phone at my desk, or if I’m too lazy to hold my own phone up when watching a cute cat video. 


Roxanne’s Pick 

Support Team 

Sailfish by barryschuler

The great predator of the sea! I especially love the detailed dorsal fin on this design which really makes it stand out! Nice work. 


laurenLauren’s Pick 

Content Manager 

Mini Plant Space Rocket with Pot by 3d-graph

I’m notorious for accidentally killing all plants (usually by not watering them) so I’m determined this summer will be different! I just started nurturing my herb garden and my basil plant is looking strong so far. This planter is both beautiful and useful! The perfect decoration to bring some life to your desk – just don’t forget to water it!


Adam’s Pick

Process Intern 

The Swashbuckler’s Screw Pistol by skimbal

Sometimes you feel like a pirate and sometimes you need to assemble a bookshelf. The model by skimbal let’s you address both urges at the same time with this compact, electric Swashbuckler’s Screw Pistol! I like this model for its artistic design, practicality, and originality.


Wojtek’s Pick 

Front-End Developer

If you ever feel like you need more stability in your photos, you should get a tripod. Not just any tripod but a 3D PRINTED tripod. Yeah! This thing can have magnetic attachments. Very cool project!


Christopher’s Pick


Mini Tool Set for Bike by Pipe Aguirre 

Looks nice, functional, and something i would actually use. I hate installing things that are super valuable on my bike, because they always get stolen. This way i can have something that i can easily replace overnight, and worry less about being stranded without the right tool.


Check out the Push Plastic Print Contest we launched this week!

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