The Top 3D Printable Files This Week – September 4, 2015

The Top 3D Printable Files This Week – September 4, 2015


Hey Pinshapers,

It’s that time of the week again, and we’re coming at you with this week’s staff picked 3d printable designs. With the long weekend coming up, you’ll either be out on vacation or at home with a lot of quality time to spend with you 3D printer. If the second one sounds like you, don’t worry, we’ll keep you busy! Enjoy these great designs and don’t forget to upload your Prints to share with the rest of the community if you decide to bring them to life!

lucas' face Lucas’ Pick

Growing a Beard
Tudor Rose Secret Lock Box PinshapeThe Tudor Rose Box (with secret lock) by Louise Driggers

If you don’t know Louise Driggers yet, she’s an amazing designer with a lot of super creative work. This is a really intricate box with a secret lock! The rose looks really nice. This will be perfect container to house all my beard grooming supplies, including regenerative oils, moustache wax, and fine toothed combs while keeping them safe from my kids. Enjoy!



nick's faceNick’s Pick

 Ready To Help The MakerTrons

MakerTron Design Kit
MakerTron Design Kit by Mold3D

The MakerTron population is in trouble, and their lone known survivor, Remix, needs your help to rebuild. Thankfully, Mold3D has done some great work creating the blueprints you need to get started designing heads, arms and legs for the MakerTron C.O.R.E. This is a group effort that everyone can participate in, and it sounds like the MakerTron could really use your help. With the help of some great sponsors, we’re running an awesome contest to design parts for this open source robot toy platform, and we can’t wait to see what you’ll create. Check out the MakerTron Design Contest for all the info you need!


andre's face Andre’s Pick

 Chopsticks Padawan
Chopstick Helpers PinshapeChopstick’s Little Helper by Pikitote

As a kid I struggled getting that delicious fried rice into my mouth. I just couldn’t figure out how to use chopsticks. Back then there was no Google or Youtube for me to look up tutorials. Until today I didn’t know chopstick helpers existed. It’s great to see that Pikitote has created a 3D printable solution for those that struggle using chopsticks.


victoria's face Victoria’s Pick

 UX/UI Designer 
 Lover of All Things CuteStrike Blob PinshapeStrike Blob by LITHINES

If you know me by now you’ll see my taste leans towards the cute and quirky. I enjoy this little blob and I love the fact that I can put a little post-it-on-toothpick/matchstick in its hand to voice my thoughts of the moment 🙂 Check out the “No Milk” photo! It’s a cute little weird creature I’d love to have around the house! Hey, @LITHINES, design a few more silly faced blobbies for me, will ya? ^^


Top 3D Printable Files  Allen’s Pick

 Digital Marketing Director 
3DRacers DeLorean3DRacers – DeLorean by 3DRacers

The DeLorean is a one of a kind car and this model starts to show why leaving room for imagination and discovery. What takes this model even further is that you can actually build it and race it with friends.

Check out

I wonder what type of Vehicles MakerTrons race for fun?


wojtek's face Wojtek’s Pick

 Front-end Developer 
 Data HoarderUSB and SD Card Holder PinshapeTomi 3D Usb & SD Card holder by Tomi3D

I always tend to misplace my USB flash drives, SD/microSD cards and their adapters. This little invention would help me keep them all in one place (hopefully). It’s a very compact designs that can hold a lot of data! There are 4 slots for USB and 4 for SD cards. Very useful addition to my desk. Fits right in with my Practical Prints collection


sergey's face Sergey’s Pick

 Back-end Developer 
 Pokemon TrainerHigh-Poly Bulbasaur PinshapeHigh-Poly Bulbasaur by Skellyton5

As I mentioned in a previous week, I have a young Bulbasaur. He is a nice low-poly pokemon. I was browsing Pinshape and encountered another nice pokemon – high-poly one! I think they may become good friends. After a few epic fights of course.
BTW Skellyton5 is working on completing the list of the first 151 pokemon, then maybe the next 100. He has a lot of cute pokemons to print 😉


Screen Shot 2015-07-23 at 11.36.00 AM

 Kate’s Pick

 Software Developer 
 Road-TripperPhone Cup Holder Dock Phone Cup Holder Dock by CentaurDesign

This is really useful for me & boyfriend, cause we looove to travel by car. We often use our phones like navigators and it’s very important that you can charge you phone, while it’s showing a route and of course it’s important to be able to see the screen. So this phone cup holder dock is really good thing to have!

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That’s it for this week! Which Pinshape design would you have chosen? Check back next week for another set of picks from your Pinshape staff, or subscribe to our mailing list to get this delivered to your inbox every Friday! 

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