Top 3D designs for the week of November 20th

Top 3D designs for the week of November 20th

Hey Pinshapers, 

Is it Christmas yet!? Ok, we’ve got over a month to go but we’re still excited to share some of the top 3D designs for this week (some would make great stocking stuffers!) We hope you enjoy them as much as we do and don’t forget to check out our MakerTron photo contest & enter to win an EinScan-S 3D Scanner ($1,200 value).   We’ve also been selected as a finalist in the Vancouver 2015 UX Awards and we need your votes to win! If you like the look and feel of our site, we really appreciate the support! 

If you like our top picks, you can uploaded your prints here and share them with the community! We can’t wait to see what you make next. 

victoria's faceVictoria’s Pick

UX/UI Designer 
Big Kid!

Top 3D designs ghost planter

Halloween Ghost Planter by Dmitriy Bessmertny

My mother said it’s bad luck to have ghosty things in the house, but how can this cute little critter be bad?? Halloween is over, but if you like weird, hand-crafted cuteness like I do, go ahead and 3D print this! Grass looks good on it! Maybe try wheat grass if you’re even more of a weirdo/ health nut.


Top 3D designs jibran

Jibran’s Pick

SEO Specialist
Mister Winter

Top 3D designs tablet stand

Tablet stand by Denis Geral

If you have a tablet, and are tired of holding it with one hand while you read your ebooks, then this design is a must for you. A solid tablet stand that comes out great and is actually useful. 3d printing is not just for toys my friends, it’s for helping us improve our daily lives. This tablet stand is a prime example of that. Impressed and approved 🙂


lucas' faceLucas’ Pick

Bean Counter

Top 3D designs piggy bank

Piggy bank by mvs

My mini hulk-child Bronson (he’s 3) has already smashed 2 piggy banks. We now have a loose change infestation in our house and I’m in the market for a sturdy replacement!!! Looking forward to getting this one printed out. Thanks Mr. MVS!


nick's faceNick’s Pick

Dragon Slayer

Top 3D designs dragon

Roark The Dragon (DragonOff 2015 trophy) by Louise Driggers

Everyone loves dragons, and it’s difficult to say if there is anyone that designs 3D printable dragons as well as Louise Driggers does! This one is actually a design that was used as a trophy for a dragon design contest recently, but now you can use the blank template with your own text to create your very own guardian, award or sign. If you’ve never modified an STL before, check out our blog post on 10 Steps to STL File Modification: A Beginner’s Guide.  As always with Louise, this dragon was designed with easy printability in mind. Enjoy!


andre's faceAndre’s Pick

Still Have A Life

Top 3D designs Fallout recharger rifle

Fallout: New Vegas – Recharger Rifle by att_lothe

It’s been a week since Fallout 4 was released. Some of you might have moved back to your folks basement and disappeared off the face of earth to dedicate the next weeks to play Fallout 4. If you decide to take a break checkout matt_lothe‘s printable design of the Recharger Rifle from New Vegas. The rifle is split in half for an easier print. This would be a fun print to paint with an air brush!


Karen's FaceKaren’s Pick

Community Manager 
Late Mo Sista

Top 3D designs mustache cookie cutters

Mustache Cookie Cutter by Dave Hulihan

I had forgotten about Movember until about a week ago when it dawned on me why one of my friends who had never sported facial hair before started growing his out. I thought he was cold or was trying out a new thing. These cookie cutters can show your solidarity with the cause— plus you can encourage those who are growing out their beards by giving them a delicious treat. Don’t forget to check out Pinshape’s latest blog post on food safety and 3D printing before you start baking! 


Screen Shot 2015-07-23 at 11.36.00 AM

Kate’s Pick

Software Developer 

Top 3D designs book ends

UFO Bookends by Conceptus3D

These UFO Bookends are really great, funny, and minimalistic! Nowadays printed books are less popular than electronic ones. Personally, I prefer electronic copies because e-books are lighter, it saves the trees, and you can just delete a book after you’re finished. But of course there are printed books on my shelves and it would be nice to decorate them with such cool bookends!


wojtek's faceWojtek’s Pick

Front-end Developer 
Party Crasher

Top 3D designs new year glasses

2016 Happy New Year Fun Glasses by auggie

Can you believe it’s almost the end of the year? Me neither. Time is flying by so fast. Have you already started planning your New Year’s Eve party? I’m sure there’s one thing you’re missing — awesome props! Print out these cool 2016 glasses and celebrate!


Top 3D designs damien Damien’s Pick

Marketing Manager
Begrudgingly festive

Top 3D designs christmas decoration

3D Christmas Tree by PRINTinZ

Wayne Huthmaker of PRINTinZ  is our current Designer of the Month and he’s created this neat Christmas tree design. While I’ve been internally eye-rolling to see Christmas decorations pop up so early recently, I suppose now we are near the end of November. Before you know it, it will be Christmas, and the once-a-year relatives from out of town will be on your doorstep. Why not impress the heck out of them with some 3D printed Christmas decorations?! That’s sure to leave them marvelling at your technical wizardry. Enjoy!


sergey's faceSergey’s Pick

Back-end Developer 

Top 3D designs candle towers

Candle Signal Towers by Mutant Design

This is a good looking candle holder you can use during  dinner or as a nice interior design idea in the evening. This is the second time I choose a 3D design made by Mutant Design. They state they “aim to develop unique and interesting products” and it seems true to me. There are actually 3 slightly different designs you can choose from – check them out 😉


Top 3D designs lauren Lauren’s Pick 

Content Manager 
Dog Lover <3 

Top 3D designs dog mailbox

Dog Mail Box by AtomJaay

I love pups and other furry friends!  I was dog-sitting my sister’s Golden Lab, Russell, last week and I had a great time taking him to the dog park and on my runs. Of course, like most dogs he thinks with his stomach and will do pretty much anything for a treat. I love this mailbox for doggy delicacies — you can even use it to store them on your counter.  A letter for me, a treat for you!


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