Interesting 3D designs of the week on Pinshape!

Interesting 3D designs of the week on Pinshape!

It’s officially 2016! From everyone at Pinshape we hope you had a great holiday and New Years.  To bring you into the new year with some cool 3D designs to print, here’s some of our favourite 3D designs. If you decide to bring these designs to life, we look forward to seeing your uploaded prints! 


The Most Interesting 3D Designs of the Week on Pinshape!  


nick's faceNick’s Pick

Dragon Tamer

Interesting 3D designs dragon
“Braq” jointed dragon by BQ

Start the New Year off with a powerful new ally by your side; Braq. This print looks really cool when it’s all assembled, and articulated models are always fun to play with. You even have some room for creativity with a post-print paint job.


victoria's faceVictoria’s Pick

UX/UI Designer 
Organized Human

Interesting 3D designs headphones holder

Headphone Stand by Suraki

This is a pretty cool desktop headphone holder! It reminds me of steel frame structures like the timeless Eiffel Tower and gives your room a industrial look. Perhaps it’s time to spruce up your office space with fresh decor in 2016. Let’s start the year off right!!!


Lauren’s Pick 

Content Manager 
Caffeine Addict! 

Interesting 3D designs coffee art

Hearts & Kisses Coffee Decorating Stencils by  OogiMe

For my fellow coffee lovers out there — these stensils are awesome! I have a cappuccino machine at home but I haven’t mastered coffee art yet (the best I can do is a foam “mountain” on top) so these would add a little extra pizzazz when I have company over! Though it might encourage me to have more coffee than I really need… Cheers to the new year!


Jibran’s Pick

SEO Specialist

Interesting 3D designs hulk piggy bank

Hulk Piggy Bank by Shining 3D

This design is just awesome! That’s why I like it 🙂 It’s not just a sweet hulk design, but you can actually use it as a little piggy bank. If increasing your savings is one of your goals for 2016, printing this off and actually using it would be a great start 🙂


lucas' faceLucas’ Pick

Handy Man 

Interesting 3D designs hand lamp

This is such a cool idea for a hanging light! Lots of different things you can do with it too.  Avooq always has such creative designs. Great work! 


andre's faceAndre’s Pick

Space Cowboy

Interesting 3D designs rocket ship

Modular Rocket Ship by Fuad Mohd

This is a sweet modular design of a rocketship by Fuad Mohd. The rocketship was designed to be a playhouse. I will be repurposing this design to store a wine bottle in the empty chamber. To do so, the rocketship chamber will need to stretch upwards to be tall enough for the bottle. Faud plans to upload more chamber and expansion compartments modules for the rocketship. Looking forward to seeing them!


Karen's Face

Karen’s Pick

Community Manager
Brings the boardgames

Interesting 3D designs board game

TARDIS Run Game – Print in Parts by joealarson  

I can’t wait to see my cousins for our yearly Christmas dinner, and as always, there’s a good portion of the night dedicated to board games! TARDIS run is portable, and my family is pretty into Doctor Who. Plus, the whole 3D printed aspect will definitely make for a good conversation starter!


Screen Shot 2015-07-23 at 11.36.00 AM

Kate’s Pick

Back-end developer
Love to make presents!

Interesting 3D designs chipmunk decoration

Cartoon Chipmunk. Christmas Edition by voronartcom

I love to make those closest to me happy by giving them surprises and presents when I can! Winter Holidays is a great time for presents and my nephew loves the cartoon talking chipmunks. This awesome toy would be a wonderful present for him. Very nicely done 😉


wojtek's face

Wojtek’s Pick

Front-end Developer 

Interesting 3D designs screw drivers

PocketTool V1.0 by guvrnor

You never know when a screwdriver will come in handy. With guvrnor’s design, you won’t have to worry about that anymore. You can carry two heads of your choice in this tiny thing and secure them with some elastic bands. It’s a great idea and awesome model to print. This design is joining my Practical Prints collection.


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