Pinshape’s Top Designs! – April 15th, 2016

Pinshape’s Top Designs! – April 15th, 2016

Our new print contest with MeltInk is now live! You can win yourself a MatterControl T10 controller board, and free filament! 

Don’t have anything lined up for print? Don’t worry, here’s our suggestions for the week!


nick_sillyNick’s Pick

Unicorn wrangler


3D Printed Unicorn Horn by Adafruit

Add a little fun to an old hat today with this simple, but awesome Unicorn horn! It makes a great addition to the wardrobe for kids and adults alike, and is sure to put a smile on the face of everyone who sees it. You can even add LEDs to make the horn light up and really bring a touch of fantasy into reality, or just print it in your favorite color and gallop into the world!



wojtekWojtek’s Pick

Front-end Developer 
Zen master


Scalp massager by koviatt

It’s Friday again! Time goes by quick when you’re having fun. Even quicker when you’re too stressed out. There’s one way that is known to relieve stress — massaging your scalp. You use this thing that looks like a whisk for whipping eggs (they’re usually made out of metal) to touch your head. Why not print one that’s even nicer? It works— try it! Either that or it’s a placebo…


karenKaren’s Pick

Community Manager
Post-comic-con slump


George R.R. Martin’s Cyvasse (unofficial game) by Dutchmogul

I went to Emerald City Comicon the past weekend and now I’m kind of living in this post-con slump. The adrenaline sure does leave quickly… but nonetheless had some great memories! One thing I am looking forward to is the Game of Thrones Season 6 premiere. Only 9 more days till we’re saved from the cliffhangers from Season 5…hopefully. Here’s dutchmogul’s interpretation of Cyvasse. Organize a Game of Thrones night for the premiere and surprise everyone with your very own Cyvasse set!


lucas_sillyLucas’ Pick



Daily Masterpiece Desk Organizer by FORMBYTE

Some people set their login passwords to something uplifting, or something that reminds them of their goals. This cool pen holder can do the same! Print it out and “Make each day your masterpiece”. A nice reminder that is always visible from your work desk. Let’s get em!



jibranJibran’s Pick

SEO Specialist


Porte-lunette/Glasses holder by jeanjacques.bodin 

A few weeks ago, after having a brief chat about spending more than 12 hours a day on the laptop, our CTO recommended that I try these special stress reducing glasses by Gunnar. I was skeptical at first but now it’s hard to use the computer without them. Needless to say, they work! So I figured, what better way to show off my “magic” glasses then on this nifty 3D printed glasses holder. Like most, I’m a big fan of solid single prints (especially the ones that go nicely on your work desk) and this one definitely fits the bill. Kudos to the designer for a clean and useful design.


andreAndre’s Pick

Outdoor enthusiast


Hipster arrow paracord loop end by 3dsolio

If you are an outdoor enthuthiast then you should consider sporting a paracord bracelet when heading to the backcountry. They can have multiple uses in a survival situation such as making a fish line or snowshoes. With some paracord and this neat design 3dsolio has uploaded, you can make a fashionable and handy bracelet. Check out the design’s description for more information!



laurenLauren’s Pick 

Content Manager 
Book worm


Bookmark by WallTosh

One of my goals for the summer is to read a book per month! This design will come in handy as I’m always losing my place in my book and I don’t like to bend the pages over. It’s a quick and simple print but useful. Right now I’m reading a book called Shantaram which is a true story about a felon who escapes from New Zealand to India and makes a life for himself as a slum doctor. If anyone has any good book recommendations, send them my way!


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That’s it for this week! Which Pinshape design would you have chosen? If you decide to bring these designs to life, we look forward to seeing your uploaded prints! Check back next week for another set of picks from your Pinshape staff, or subscribe to our mailing list to get this delivered to your inbox every Friday! 

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