Winners Announced for Contest!

Winners Announced for Contest!

Thank-you to everyone who participated in our contest! It was one of our most successful print contests yet and we had some incredible prints submitted.  We sent out all the winning coupon codes to 200 winners on Friday so be sure to check your email! A big thank-you to our sponsors, for sponsoring 202 rolls of filament and Simplify3D for sponsoring 2 licenses for the top 2 prints! 



For those 200 people who won filament, don’t forget to upload your prints with your new filament and show off your work


Skull lamp printed in Black PLA from by Chris Halliday 

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Before we get to our winners for Best Print, we wanted to acknowledge some of the outstanding prints we received. Although these prints didn’t win, we think they did a fantastic job

Halo Pistol V2 – 3D Printed by sim_jia jun


If you’re a Halo fan, this 3D printed pistol should be on your list of things to print! sim_jia jun did a great job and all the details turned out nicely. Terrific job with post processing job as well which makes it look very realistic.  


CAT ARMOR – 3D Printed by dookie



With this 3D printed cat armour, your cat will never have to worry about the dogs in the neighbourhood again! This design has a lot of parts to put together and dookie did a great job of putting the whole piece together! We’d love to see what it looks like on your cat! 


Anais – 3D Printed by Isotalo


Another beautiful print by Isotalo.  He put her on top of the Julia Vase #11 for dramatic effect in this photo and it worked! Great work. 


SkullBot 001 – via 3DKToys – 3D Printed by Mikethebomber


Not only did the print turn out really well, but Mike set up LEDs in the skull torso to make this design look even more epic! He says the design printed great without supports and all the parts snapped together easily.


Claire Redfield – Resident Evil – Pose01 – 3D Printed by Fallout


We were very impressed by the post processing on this model! The added detail really brings this model to life. Great work on both the print and post processing job by Fallout


Black Swan v2 – 3D Printed by Edie


The details of this print turned out amazing! It’s also perfectly posed which made for a great photo shoot.


Flight of the Wind Dragon – 3D Printed by osarusan


This print required some assembly and post processing and osarusan really put a lot of work into the details which looks great! An epic print of an equally epic design!


T-REX SKULL!!!!!!! – 3D Printed by 3amjosh


We’ve all got our guilty pleasures and the T-Rex is clearly a glutton for these Pop Tarts! Seriously, fantastic job with the print and great job putting together the image! 

Without further ado… here are the two winners for Best Print! Contest Best Prints


Harley Quinn’s Revolver from Suicide Squad – 3D Printed by pyos3d


The movie hasn’t come out yet but this replica of the Harley Quinn revolver from suicide squad is amazing. Pyos3d made a video of the print before the paint work to show off the details and different moving parts.  Congratulations! You’ve won a roll of filament and a license for Simplify3D.


Shizuko – the quiet manga schoolgirl – 3D Printed by rodney_johnson


We were very impressed with the detail in this print. Even in one colour, the emotion and small features in the face turned out really nicely. The lighting in the photo also does a great job of highlighting the small details. Congratulations Rodney! You also won a roll of filament from and a license for Simplify3D.  


We were very impressed by the quality of many submissions and we can’t wait to see what you come up with for our next print contest.  Congratulations to all the winners and great job to everyone who entered!


Enter the MeltInk Print Contest! 

Didn’t win this time? Not to worry, we’ve got another print contest on right now where you could win filament from MeltInk or a 3D printer controller from MatterHackers! All you have to do is upload a picture of your print from Pinshape. 


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